What Are the Different Uses of QR Codes?

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While the Quick Response (QR) codes were originally used as a method of tracking vehicle parts in manufacturing, their uses have expanded to include product labeling in retail stores, entertainment tickets, marketing, and even the conveyance of medical data. QR codes can be found on the packaging of items sold in retail stores, on billboards and advertisements for the store itself. The uses of QR codes for marketing purposes are highly varied, ranging from being placed on business cards to being featured in television commercials. Other uses of QR codes can be seen in the publishing and music industries, giving readers and listeners access to additional content or song downloads.

QR codes are not just used for product labeling in retail stores. They might also be found in advertisements for products the store sells, allowing access to coupons or special discounts for those who scan the QR code. For example, a company might include a QR code in a newsletter or magazine advertisement as a means of offering a customer discount. Advertisements for a retail store that contain a QR code might provide directions to the store or other useful information. Uses of QR codes on product packaging might include extra instructions for how to use or set up the product.


In marketing, the uses of QR codes can range from simple utility to more creative applications, such as placing a QR code on a business card. This code can give the scanner access to further information about the individual or business, again, act as a way for customers to receive a discount on the service being provided. Some companies stamp a QR code onto envelopes or other paper products. Furthermore, a QR code might be placed in a television advertisement as a means of providing viewers with immediate access to more information about the product or service being described.

The uses of QR codes extend to the medical industry, where they might be used to provide quick access to a patient's medical information. This can be useful for quickly determining a patient's allergies, blood type, or other relevant medical cautions or needs. The QR code can be placed on a bracelet or other easily visible item.


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