What are the Different Uses for Stainless Steel Edging?

Sherry Holetzky

While stainless steel edging is often thought of in regard to bathroom and kitchen countertops, there are also other styles and uses. Stainless steel edging is a great product for finishing countertops but it is also finding its place in the realm of landscaping. Different types and sizes must be used for different projects, but stainless steel edging can add a lot of style. Adding any type of trim to a home improvement project is like adding a frame to a picture; it gives it a much more finished look. Stainless steel can add shine and definition that other trims don’t offer.

Stainless steel edging is sometimes used to finish kitchen countertops.
Stainless steel edging is sometimes used to finish kitchen countertops.

In the bathroom, stainless steel edging is great for counters. This edging is especially popular with retro counters and laminate countertops. Tinted steel adds to this look and can help create a more authentic vintage bathroom design. Matching knobs and drawer pulls, especially in funky shapes help complete this look. The same is true for the kitchen, although many types of counter can benefit from stainless steel edging. It doesn’t have to be retro to look good with a steel edge.

Stainless steel edging may be used to hold gravel in place.
Stainless steel edging may be used to hold gravel in place.

As far as other projects go, wall art can also benefit from the use of stainless steel edging. It creates its own frame for custom pieces and works perfectly with modern design plans. Indoor uses are many but stainless steel edging is also attractive in the yard and garden. From pathway edging to framing a patio, there are several ways in which to use metal edging.

Many property owners add some sort of border to decorative items or fountain areas to separate and frame them. While brick and stone are popular choices, stainless steel adds a different element, which can be simple or high style. Metal edging can enhance the look of a contemporary garden through adding more clean lines.

Creating separate decorative areas, such as sectioning off a tree, fountain, or rock bed, is a great way to add some style to the landscape. Doing so can also be a practical choice for areas where grass simply does not grow well or where it is difficult to trim and mow. Decorative elements also tend to add value to the property.

Adding stainless steel edging is a great way to separate decorative areas from grassy areas of the lawn or garden. Doing so, while very attractive, is not just for cosmetic purposes. It also helps contain gravel, sand, mulch or other decorative items, to keep them from spilling into the grass or onto walkways. This helps make yard maintenance simpler and more efficient.

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Besides the above, it is important to know that stainless steel is used as an essential material in the food industry because of its low adhesion of bacteria, easy cleaning and maintenance. There are different types of steel used for this purpose as this example shows.

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