What are the Different Uses for Concrete Edging?

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Concrete edging is used to create attractive borders along flower beds, lawns, garden paths, golf courses, play areas and pool areas. Unlike the more traditional and easily dislodged brick or stone landscape edging, concrete edging is permanent and requires little or no maintenance once it has been installed. Aside from this primary advantage, this type of edging goes a long way in giving an area a neater and more well-ordered appearance.

In terms of price, concrete edging may be somewhat more expensive than the traditional edging materials, but, given its durability, it may be more cost-effective in the long run. It is possible to find a good selection of concrete edging blocks in the market; they come in various shapes, sizes and colors, and so can be matched to exact requirements. In the event the ready-made blocks don't fulfill expectations, property owners can consider laying out a concrete edging on their own.

This may involve a good amount of exertion, especially if the area that needs edging is very large, but it is doable. Since the concrete mixing is done on spot, it may be possible to get a greater range of colors as well as effects. The concrete can also be studded with decorative embellishments like colored glass bits, shells, pebbles and so on.


To install the concrete borders, a shallow trench is dug along the determined area and filled with concrete or set with precast concrete landscape borders. The edging can be installed in straight lines or in distinctive curves and swirls. The colors of the edging can be made to highlight the colors found in that particular area.

The primary use of concrete landscape borders is perhaps in landscape edging. In addition to clearly demarcating garden beds, the garden edging may be used to separate different plant types from one another in order to show them off better. Having a lawn edging will facilitate lawn maintenance by ensuring that the grass does not spread where it is not wanted. Concrete borders can also be used to cordon off play areas for children, and concrete curbing can help keep paths distinct and clear of any encroaching overgrowth.

Golf courses and putting greens have concrete landscape edging to help them maintain their professional, manicured look. Concrete edging may be installed around pool areas, and along driveways. In some cases, concrete curbing may also be used to control soil erosion around stream and river banks.


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