What Are the Different Unusual Theme Parks?

There are many unusual theme parks throughout the world, including those based around religion, video games, books, and even toilets. South Korea's The Restroom Cultural Park includes different types of toilets from around the world, art inspired by toilets, and toilet-themed souvenirs all housed in a toilet-shaped building.

More about unusual theme parks:

  • There's a theme park based on the works of Charles Dickens in England, complete with a debtor's prison.

  • Haw Par Villa in Singapore is focused around Chinese folktales, and is best known for its depictions of the Ten Courts of Hell, which includes statues of people being dismembered, sawed in half, and sitting in ponds of blood.

  • In Colombia, the former villa of drug lord Pablo Escobar has been turned into an amusement park that includes the plane that transported his first load of cocaine to the US, feral hippopotami, and life-sized dinosaur statutes.

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