What Are the Different Types of Youth Worker Qualifications?

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Many types of youth worker qualifications begin with education. Youth worker qualifications range from having high energy to having a clean criminal background. Although the qualifications can differ by region and country, some mirror each other and are designed to create the best caregiver possible for local youths. Most positions working with youth require the applicant to pass a thorough background check in addition to a criminal history check. Job requirements might also mandate the applicant being up to date on current events.

Regardless of the location, one of the most universal youth worker qualifications is the requirement that the worker posses a bachelor's degree, preferably in social services or social work. In requiring a bachelor's degree of all prospective youth workers, the licensing agencies are assured that the workers most likely will have an understanding of the many cognitive and emotional difficulties that are a product of the youths' environment. Not all youth workers are required to have a formal education, but the vast majority do, and completing a college degree is often recommended for aspiring youth workers. Psychology, child development and speech and communication courses are some of the most recommended classes for potential youth workers.


Leadership skills are also one of the youth worker qualifications that typically are required. The youth worker must be able to motivate and influence the youth under his or her charge, encouraging them to seek out positive life experiences. Moreover, the youth leader should become involved with activities that demonstrate positive life choices and serve as a role model for at-risk youth. Experience in either an actual employment position or as an intern or a volunteer can often be beneficial on a youth worker's résumé.

Youth worker qualifications that typically are required of all aspiring youth workers include the ability to maintain a high level of energy and be at the ready when providing counseling and mentoring for any youths who require it. A clean background history is a must in many areas that require licensing of youth workers. Another of the youth worker qualifications that is seen as positive is the current knowledge of youth trends, issues and concerns, as well as the social actions and activities that the modern youth culture has adopted. Maintaining a clean and well-groomed appearance is often recommended for most youth workers because of the positive influence that it can have on the youth.


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