What are the Different Types of Yoga for Women?

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There are certain yoga poses, or asanas, that can help women in different stages of their lives. Some yoga for women can relieve menstrual problems and ease stress. There are asanas to help a pregnant woman have an easier time during childbirth. Other positions in yoga for women can help decrease or prevent some of the symptoms associated with premenstrual syndrome and menopause.

Yoga for women can help an individual remain healthy and fit throughout her pregnancy. Classes for pregnant women teach gentle poses to maintain and improve muscle tone, increase strength, and relax. Breathing and relaxation are important elements in childbirth, so practicing yoga postures and breath work during pregnancy can teach a woman how to have an easier birth.

During early pregnancy, light stretching and standing poses help build strength and stamina. The poses might look easy, but it takes strength to hold some of the positions for an extended period of time. Some pregnant women experience back pain and an asana called the modified boat pose, or navasana, can bring relief.


The woman starts in a seated position with her knees bent and feet on the floor. Then she straightens one leg while leaning back and raising her arms so that they are parallel to her extended leg. She needs to keep her back straight in order to receive the most benefit from this pose. Then she repeats the asana, this time straightening her other leg. This pose strengthens muscles in the back and abdomen.

As the pregnancy progresses and the abdomen gets larger, the woman will switch to less physical yoga postures. This is when asanas that focus more on breathing and help induce a state of relaxation are utilized. After the baby is born, practicing yoga for women can help the new mother slim down and lose weight.

Yoga for women can also help ease menstrual pain. A simple but effective pose is called the easy pose, or sukhasana. For this pose, the woman sits cross legged. She places her hands on her knees and tries to sit straight, making sure her back doesn’t get rounded. Holding this position will tone muscles in the abdomen and back and help ease cramps.

There are many different yoga positions that are helpful for women. Each pose can be modified for any body type and ability. Yoga for women offers many benefits for a woman’s health and well being.


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