What are the Different Types of Yoga for Pregnant Women?

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Even though each yoga class is unique, there are some major differences between classes for pregnant women. For example, many classes are designed to be taken only by pregnant women, and some are designed only for women in a specific trimester. There are also, however, yoga classes aimed at pregnant couples that can be attended by both parents. This type of class may involve partner exercises and may promote a connection between pregnant couples.

There are many different types of yoga for pregnant women, but almost all different yoga classes aimed at this demographic are called pregnancy yoga. Women who are pregnant can often continue normal yoga activities for many months into the pregnancy, but yoga for pregnant women can be more appropriate for women who are further along in the pregnancy. Yoga is an activity that involves minimal risk when practiced correctly, but pregnancy yoga takes into consideration any additional potential risks to the fetus. When choosing between types of yoga, highly intense or hot yoga should be avoided in order to prevent damage to the fetus.


Many yoga studios offer yoga for pregnant women in special classes separate from normal yoga activities. While some women choose to continue doing yoga well into their pregnancy, others feel more comfortable in a class with other pregnant women. Instructors in these classes often pay special attention to keeping pregnant women comfortable and free from injury, as well as relaxed and happy. Yoga for pregnant women benefits not only the body, but the mind as well, and instructors may guide women in thinking positively about pregnancy.

Most of the time, yoga for pregnant women involves modifications to yoga poses to make them more appropriate for pregnant women. Individual movements might include squatting, bending in certain ways, and stretching. These movements may not relate to poses from any particular type of yoga directly, but they usually provide a similar type of exercise.

In most cases, it is easiest to learn about what yoga for pregnant women will mean in a particular case by asking the studio in question. Most studios can explain what types of yoga are performed in a class prior to signing up for that class, allowing potential students to decide on the option that fits best. Sitting in on a single class is also a good way to find out about what types of poses are involved in a class for pregnant women at a particular location. If a class does not have an atmosphere that a woman enjoys, either for personal or athletic reasons, another studio may provide a better experience.


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@donasmrs-- First of all, it's essential for all pregnant women to have approval of their doctor before doing pregnancy yoga. There are certain high risk pregnancy where even mild physical activity may put the fetus at risk. So it's important for the mother to know that she doesn't carry a risk and is perfectly healthy before considering pregnancy yoga.

If you cannot attend classes, I suggest purchasing a pregnancy yoga instructional DVD. There are many out there that teach safe yoga routines for pregnant women, and also for each trimester specifically. You should not randomly do yoga in pregnancy. Especially certain stretching poses can be very dangerous when you are pregnant. Too much stretching may cause ripping in the womb, so you must only do yoga for pregnant women. Even then, if you are uncomfortable with a pose, don't do it. Please ask your doctor first.

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I want to do pregnancy yoga but I don't have the financial means to sign up for a class. They can be quite expensive. I'm also not sure if I will be able to attend the classes in my third trimester. Is it okay if I do some basic yoga at home by myself? Will it be safe?

Post 1

I'm a fan of pregnancy yoga and attended pregnancy yoga classes during both pregnancies. I do suggest yoga courses exclusively for pregnant women, not only because the movements are safe, but also because it's a great opportunity to meet other new mothers.

And if there are future fathers that are feeling nervous about becoming a father, couples pregnancy yoga is a great idea. Fathers need to be involved in the pregnancy process. It's normal for new fathers to be just as anxious as new mothers, sometimes they are even more anxious. Pregnancy yoga classes for couples can be great for them too. My husband also attended with me and definitely benefited.

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