What are the Different Types of Wrought Iron Wall Art?

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There are countless different kinds of wrought iron wall art. They vary in size, shape, and style. They also come in various thematic designs, ranging from Tuscan to French and from rustic to ornate. The art can be crafted from new wrought iron or it can be formed from wrought iron that was salvaged from other items, such as lawn furniture or other unwanted art.

Wrought iron wall art comes in nearly every size imaginable. Many people prefer to use large pieces to decorate immense, blank walls. Smaller pieces of art are often used to decorate smaller areas and often are arranged in groups of several complementary pieces. As a result, a wall can have three or four smaller works, arranged horizontally, vertically, diagonally, or scattered on a wall. In the alternative, a single, larger piece may be preferred by some people for its simplicity.

People looking for wrought iron wall art have a vast selection of shapes from which to choose as well. The most common shapes are squares, circles, arcs, and crosses. Some pieces of art are more unique, such as butterflies, bicycles, trees, or flowers. Sometimes, the art may contain a monogram or other special symbol that is special to the owner.


Many pieces of iron wall art are available as functional works as well. For example, the art may hold candles or photographs. In addition, it may serve as a trellis for garden flowers or contain hooks to hold jackets or hats.

It is important that the wrought iron wall art fit with the theme or style of the house. For example, the art can be Tuscan, Western, Asian, or Indian in design. Generally, a European styled home should have European influenced art. If the European inspired home has a wrought iron wagon wheel on the wall, it may not flow well with the interior décor.

One of the most interesting facets of this type of wall art is how it is created. For example, the art may be made from new, never-been-used, iron. In the alternative, it may be created from wrought iron that was salvaged from other items. These items can include patio furniture, staircase spindles, or even other works of art. Many times, salvaged items can be found in junkyards, yard sales, or home rehabilitation projects.

Although wrought iron wall art is typically black, it can be found in other colors. It can be red, brown, or blue, for example. Generally, people who choose wrought iron as the medium for home décor prefer to keep with the natural coloring of the iron. As a result, choosing a brightly colored piece of art is a personal preference and not necessarily a popular choice.


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