What are the Different Types of Women's Workout Clothing?

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There are many different types of women's workout clothing designed to be worn while exercising. It is typically a good idea to wear designated fitness clothing while working out, because it can have many benefits such as increased breathability, and the ability to wick sweat away from the skin. Some of the different types of women's workout clothing include fitness pants, shorts, tops, undergarments, and accessories.

Women's workout clothing designed for use while running is very popular. These may include running leggings and form-fitting tops that offer extra warmth yet wick sweat away to keep the wearer dry; often, runners will wear leggings and tight tops underneath looser clothing to feel more comfortable when running. Sports bras or tank tops with built-in bras are common pieces of women's workout clothing as well; tank tops with built-in bras may be worn for many different types of exercise, not just jogging.


Yoga and Pilates women's workout clothing is common as well. These are designed to fit the body well, to allow breathability, and to stretch with the body without riding up. These are generally fairly form-fitting, particularly Pilates clothes, because looser clothes could potentially become caught in Pilates equipment. There are many different designs of yoga and Pilates workout clothing to suit every taste, in pants, cropped pants, t-shirts, tank tops, and long sleeved shirts. Many practitioners of yoga and Pilates prefer to dress in layers, because it may be cool in the studio at the beginning of the workout, and much warmer at the end.

Women's workout clothing also exists without a specific exercise in mind. This type of clothing is generally found in department stores or fitness stores, and may be worn for activities such as aerobics or kickboxing classes at the gym, or for working out on various pieces of gym equipment, when it is important to be comfortable. In addition to workout clothing, workout accessories can make exercising more fun and beneficial as well.

Workout accessories may include items such as an armband for attaching to an MP3 device, reflectors to place on clothes for safety purposes, or a hydration belt to carry water bottles or energy bars while running. If the day is especially cold, a jacket may need to be worn while exercising outside as well. Sneakers or hiking shoes may be considered women's workout clothing as well. When purchasing workout clothes, try to consider the types of exercise you do and determine which articles of clothing will be most versatile and comfortable.


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Post 4

@wavy58 – Women's workout clothing that is designed to wick the moisture away is the best kind, in my opinion. I wear it year round, and no matter what the temperature is, I stay dry.

I have a sleeveless top that I wear during the summer while jogging, and it amazes me that my torso does not get coated in sweat. My arms and face hold sweat, since they are exposed, but the sweat produced by my torso stays on the material instead of my skin.

I also have a long-sleeved shirt that I wear during the cold months, and even though it is form-fitting, it does the same thing. Staying dry in the cold air is really important for my health, so I always wear this while working out.

Post 3

I always wear a big, loose cotton t-shirt while working out. I have been known to borrow my husband's extra large shirts for this, and I love the roominess that it offers.

The more space you have open in a shirt, the more that air can circulate. I find that it is much easier to stay cool while wearing something loose than while wearing tight women's athletic clothing.

I've never tried the kind that claims to wick away moisture, because I was afraid it would make me too hot. It would cling to my body, and that just seems like it would trap warmth, even if it did wick the sweat away. Has anyone here tried this type of workout clothing?

Post 2

@DylanB – I agree with you. Most women's athletic wear that is marketed as such comes with a big price tag, but you can actually buy cheaper clothes intended to be worn during exercise at department stores that don't specialize in sporting goods.

I have bought black drawstring pants labeled as “yoga pants” that only cost $15. They are stretchy and comfortable. I have also bought some workout shorts with mesh material for breathability for $10.

Post 1

I think that women's athletic apparel is way overpriced. If you look in sporting goods stores for it, then you will be paying way too much.

All I need is a tank top and some shorts with an elastic waist, and I am good to go. This outfit works for everything from walking to lifting weights.

I always buy the cheapest workout clothing I can find, as long as it is comfortable. I've found that you don't have to pay a high price for good workout clothes.

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