What are the Different Types of Wire Garden Fencing?

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Some of the different types of wire garden fencing include those that are designed to protect poultry. Other kinds are intended to keep wildlife, such as deer or rabbit, out of an area. Barbed-wire fencing could be used to restrain cattle or other large farm animals. Chain-link might be used to circle a yard or make an enclosure for dogs.

Chicken wire is usually used in coops to help keep in fowl. It might be placed over the openings of the chicken house itself, so that predators cannot enter. It also may be used to create a small section of land for the birds to walk around in. This type of metal fence is sometimes placed over the top of the enclosed poultry area as well, so the birds do not fly over it and escape. The mesh of this kind of wire garden fencing is usually very tight.

A rabbit fence typically has openings that are less than 1.5 inches (3.81 cm) wide. This variety can be anywhere from 3 to 6 feet (.92 to 1.84 m) high. It is typically constructed of galvanized steel that occasionally has a wire coating to it. It may also be purchased in rolls that are anywhere from 50 to 100 feet (49.7 to 99.39 m) in length.


Large pastures are usually surrounded with barbed-wire fencing. This type is so named because it has sharp points, or barbs, in various locations on the wires. It might also have an electric current running through it that can shock a person or animal that touches it. This type is useful in containing farm animals to a particular area. It is most often used to control where cattle are allowed to graze.

Chain-link is a common type of wire garden fencing. This is because it can be useful in keeping children and dogs out of a garden location. It could also be used to create a play area in a yard. Many pet lovers find this type of material very beneficial when it comes to building dog kennels as well.

Wire garden fencing is usually purchased at a farm supply or home improvement store, all year round. It may be attached to metal or wooden fence posts with only a few common hand tools, so it is easy for even beginning fencers to install. Once it is in place, it normally serves its intended purpose for several years without needing a great deal of maintenance or repairs.


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