What Are the Different Types of Wig Products?

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People who wear wigs have several different wig products from which to choose. Some accessories help wigs look natural, while others are designed to keep them clean and styled. Wig products that help wigs stay in place include such items as wig caps, wig clips, tape, glue and wig liners. Cleaning and styling products that help keep wigs looking nice include wig shampoo and conditioner, hairspray, detangling spray, wig stands, and wig combs and brushes.

Wig supplies such as wig clips, caps, liners, headbands and adhesives can help a wig stay properly in place. Caps cover the hair to provide a smoother surface for the wig to rest on, while clips help secure the wig to existing hair. When the scalp is bare, a liner or headband can help cushion the skin against the inside of the wig and help it stay in place better. Wig glue, tape and other adhesives offer extra protection, especially for wigs that might not fit perfectly or wigs worn on windy days. Adhesives or clips are often used to help a partial wig or a hairpiece that does not cover the entire scalp stay on the head.


In addition to the wig products designed to help while wearing a wig, there are number of items that can be used to keep a wig looking clean and stylish. It is important when caring for a wig to avoid things commonly used on real hair, such as blow dryers, curling irons and any heated products. Wigs should typically be styled after washing so they can air dry, or dry under a relatively cool standing dryer, into the right style.

A mild baby shampoo can be used for washing in place of specialized wig shampoo on most types of wigs, but wig conditioner is generally better than standard hair conditioner. Wig conditioner is designed to be left in the wig as it dries. Additionally, detangling spray is one of the wig products used to make combing and styling the wig easier. Good conditioning usually helps prevent tangles, but some longer types of wigs might require extra detangling help. Combs, brushes and picks designed for wigs can be used to gently groom the wig and create the desired style.

After a wig is washed, a wig stand is an ideal place to allow it to dry. These stands create a head-like shape to hold the wig in the proper position. Stands that allow air to flow freely are generally better than solid stands because the wig can dry more evenly without being stretched. Special hairspray and styling products designed for synthetic hair should typically be used for holding a look in place once the wig is dry. These wig products are usually formulated so they do not leave the kind of residue that ordinary hair products often do, which helps to keep the wig cleaner longer.


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