What Are the Different Types of Wheat-Free Desserts?

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Types of wheat-free desserts include flourless cakes, desserts made with fruit, and cakes and other treats made with wheat-free flours. Pudding and gelatin make for other types of wheat-free desserts, as do other custard-based desserts, such as creme brulee. Frozen desserts, such as ice cream and sorbet, are also usually wheat free.

Flourless cakes, as their name suggests, do not contain any flour or other wheat ingredients. Eggs, butter, and chocolate are usually the primary ingredients in a flourless cake. Typically, flourless cakes are made with a rich, dark chocolate. It is possible to make a carrot cake without flour too, in which eggs and nuts serve as the main ingredients.

Other options for wheat-free desserts include making a dish that is fruit based. Pavlova is a dessert made with meringue and pieces of fresh fruit. Fresh berries served with whipped cream make for another fruity dessert option. Baked apples and grilled fruits such as peaches or pineapples are warm, wheat-free desserts.

Custards and puddings typically do not contain wheat, especially if made with corn or another starch. Chocolate pudding, rice pudding, and other flavors are usually wheat free. Creme brulee, which is made of egg yolks, vanilla, and cream, does not contain wheat ingredients. Not all custards desserts are wheat free, though. Some, such as tiramasu, have wheat-based cookies, while others feature a crust made of flour or cookies.


Some traditional desserts, such as brownies and sponge cake, can be made into wheat-free desserts by substituting the wheat flour for other varieties. Making wheat-free desserts using alternative flours such as chickpea flour, corn flour, or rice flour can be difficult, because these grains or legumes do not contain the gluten found in wheat flour. Usually, a baker needs to add stabilizers such as xantham gum to get the right texture and consistency.

Many ice cream desserts are also wheat free. Ice cream on its own usually does not contain wheat ingredients, though it may if it contains add-ins such as cookie dough or sandwich cookies. Milkshakes, made with ice cream and milk, are also usually wheat free.

Sorbet is another frozen, wheat-free dessert option, as is frozen yogurt. Typically, sorbet is made with fruit juice and simple syrup. It can also be made with chocolate or coffee, though. Frozen yogurt is made with yogurt and usually contains sweeteners and flavors. Some frozen yogurts contain whole pieces of fruit or are made with pureed fruits.


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Post 2

@Scrbblchick -- I never thought about looking up Passover recipes, but that's a good idea! That would almost certainly take care of the issue.

Cheesecakes are great options for wheat free desserts. You can make the crust from almond flour and butter and a little sugar. Works a lot like a graham cracker crust. I've seen recipes for ricotta cheesecakes that aren't quite as labor-intensive as their cream cheese cousins, so that's always a thought, along with any similar dessert, like a flourless chocolate cake. You could even top that with a flourless custard or whipped cream for extra delicious decadence.

Post 1

A really good way to find wheat-free desserts is to look for desserts that are Kosher for Passover. Since Jews can't eat any kind of leavening agents during Passover, they've had to come up with desserts that don't have any leavening (which usually includes wheat) in the recipe. There are many places online to look, and there are some fantastic recipes online.

I found a great recipe called Chocolate Nemesis cake, made it and took it to work. One of my co-workers said it was the "most intense chocolate experience" he'd ever had. That's a great recipe. But yeah, look for recipes that are Kosher for Passover, specifically.

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