What are the Different Types of Wedding Hairstyles?

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Wedding hair styles for the bride will largely be determined by the kind of headpiece or veil the bride will be wearing. There are several options available, including hats, caps, crowns, combs, and wreaths. Once the headpiece is selected, the main question is, does the bride want to wear her hair up or down? Here are some suggestions.

Hats and caps are rarely worn by brides, but if they are, hair should be worn down. It can be straight or curled, either throughout the hair, or just at the ends. If the hair is put up on top, or in the back, the hat will hide it, and the cap will distract from it.

Simple combs with veils can work with any hairstyle. However, if the bride wears her hair down, straight or curly, the teeth of the comb will not be too secure. The bride may then want to pull the sides and or the front of her hair back so that the comb will have interlocking hair to secure into.

Crowns and wreaths, for styling purposes, could be seen as a half circle, and a whole circle on the head. If the bride is wearing a simple casual dress, wearing the hair down, straight or curled is an appropriate look. She can even partly pull some of the hair back. Putting the hair up gives a much more formal look. It can be simply gathered into a bun, or for the most breath-taking look it can be curled.


The most popular look for the bride is a wreath with a veil, and the hair up and curled. Remember a wreath is not limited to a circle of flowers. Most bridal headpiece wreaths are made of small white beads or other wedding-appropriate materials. The hair would then be gathered up to the top back of the head, and secured with some kind of elastic hairband. The resulting tail is then sectioned and curled. The easiest way to do this would is to use a curling iron. Make the curl and without disturbing it, take the iron out, secure each curl with a bobby pin, and spray with a firm hairspray. The result is simple to create, but very elegant, and by far, the most popular.

Brides with short hair also have options. The hair can be worn straight, curled, or wavy, as with long hair, and almost any headpiece would be flattering.

Grooms want to look their best also, and most men look great with a fresh haircut, however, if the groom has long hair, the best thing to do is wear it in a neat ponytail.

Family, friends, and wedding party should try to remember not to out-do the bride. She is the most important person of the day, and should stand out as the most formal and elegant woman there.


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Post 5

@doppler - I love the long wedding hairstyles as well, but I wouldn't go as far as getting extensions or anything. Wedding hair can cost a lot of money if you're not careful. I think, like any aspect of wedding planning, you should always go into thing cautiously and request a consultation in order to find the right fit for you.

Post 4

@bbpuff - I find that there are a lot more wedding hairstyles for long hair rather than any wedding hairstyles for short hair. I really hate that people think short hair is so limited. I really like the half down, half up look that is currently hot right now with soft waves. Feathers are coming back in style with that Old Hollywood Glam concept as well and I think that looks fabulous as well.

Post 3

@ChickenLover - I recall reading something very similar. It's like that saying that straight haired girls always want curly hair and curly haired girls want straight hair. I think that's where our misconception comes from. Several women browse through hairstyles for weddings without knowing what they are truly looking for.

Post 2

@breadcrumbs51 - I once read an article about wedding hairstyles and it said to not really do anything outside of your normal hairdo. Your guy won't care, really, he will think you're beautiful either way it seems. I think some of these celebrity wedding hairstyles are just outlandish and insane - I think in some cases, just like the marriage, it's all for show.

Post 1

I have noticed that as my friends get older and more mature, they don't generally pay a lot of money anymore for elaborate hairstyles that look shellacked. Instead they typically have more natural hair, with maybe a soft curl or a few flowers. It makes them look more like themselves and - I think - more beautiful.

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