What Are the Different Types of Web Design Degree Programs?

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Various programs are available at the associate's and bachelor's levels for students who want to learn how to create websites. In addition to general web design degrees, students can choose from specializations in web application programming, multimedia technologies and general information technology. After completing the required courses, a student typically creates a final project emphasizing his focus.

Web design degree programs with a general web design major provide an overview of graphic design, animation, web programming, digital photography, color theory and markup languages. The emphasis usually is more on designing websites rather than building web applications, and students also are introduced to online marketing concepts. The included courses teach students how to use popular graphic design and web design software, and the degree usually ends with a project that requires the student to create a comprehensive website.

Although they do include courses in creating graphics and designs for websites, some web design degree programs have a narrower focus on web development. These programs teach students how to create applications that are used on websites and also cover the use of online databases. Common courses focus on general programming principles, network design, database management, information systems programming and web application development. A capstone course requiring the student to build a website that uses web applications is a common final program requirement.


Some web design degree programs have a concentration in multimedia technologies and focus on creating interactive content for websites. Students learn how to use 3D modeling programs to create animated videos and how to use Flash® to create online games, videos and web page layouts. Common courses in multimedia technologies cover video creation and editing, audio editing, computer animation, interactive systems, web scripting and digital law. Programs may include a single final project or a final project along with a portfolio of work completed throughout the program.

Students who want a foundation in both web design and general information technology can choose a major in information technology with a concentration in web design. This type of program includes fewer courses in web design than other web design degree programs but introduces the student to graphic design, web development, web design and project management. The core courses focus on networking, business systems, programming, operating systems, information security and technical writing. The final project can vary and may focus on a general information technology topic or specialize in web design.


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