What Are the Different Types of Washroom Fittings?

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Bins, hand dryers, and toilet paper dispensers are small fittings typically found in a washroom. In addition, there are also fittings that go on a toilet and decorative fittings. The type of washroom fittings a specific bathroom has largely depends on whether it is residential or commercial. A washroom that receives plenty of traffic is more likely to be equipped with sanitary pad disposal bins and devices that allow a toilet to flush automatically.

Disposal bins are washroom fittings that aid people in keeping the environment tidy and sanitary. Washroom disposal bins are typically smaller and more decorative than multipurpose or kitchen models. A simple bin that fits a small trash bag is often found in restrooms, but larger variations or models with lids are also common in the Western world. Furthermore, specialized disposal bins are often integrated into public or partially well-equipped private washrooms. For instance, special disposal containers for feminine products are usually located in public stalls next to the toilets for convenient access.

Many different types of washroom fittings are designed to foster the use of different hand-drying solutions. The most common methods of drying hands are paper and textile towels, but air dryers are also used. Automatic and mechanical washroom fittings for paper and textile towels exist, as well as simple boxes and hooks.


A toilet paper dispenser is small or relatively large, depending on whether it is used for residential or commercial use. Residential toilet paper dispensers are often quite small and simple, made just to hold the toilet paper. Commercial ones usually cover an entire large roll of toilet paper and have grooves to more easily allow people to tear off a length of paper.

There are a lot of different washroom fittings that go on toilets. The seat covers, handles, and weight detectors are all small accessories that can be considered a fitting. What type of fittings a toilet has depends on the type of toilet; for example, a residential toilet is not likely to have a weight detector that allows the toilet to flush automatically.

Many practical and decorative fitting options exist for bathtubs and showers. For example, for practical purposes, hand rails can be installed on bathtubs and showers. These rails are often installed within the washrooms of elderly and disabled people for safety reasons, but other people install them simply for convenience. Handles, curtains, and all sorts of shower heads and massagers are also washroom fittings. Shower heads, for example, have a lot of variety and can release water in numerous styles and with different pressure.


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