What Are the Different Types of Washroom Decor?

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Decorating the inside of a home is an enjoyable experience for many people. It allows them to personalize their space, and much of it can be done whether they are renting or buying. One area that has a number of decorating options is the washroom. Washroom decor might include paint, wall decor, bathroom accessories, fixtures, flooring and mirrors. Even the actual fixtures within a washroom have the ability to contribute to overall washroom decor.

One of the easiest and least expensive ways to transform a space is to paint it. Painting the walls of a washroom is a great way to add color and appeal to the space. Avoiding dark colors is usually best in a small washroom, because they might make the space look even smaller. Pictures, paintings, vinyl wall art and other decorative items make great washroom decor in addition to the paint on the walls. These finishing pieces can really tie the washroom together.

Bathroom accessories are another way to decorate a washroom for a relatively inexpensive price. Accessories might include toothbrush holders, wastebaskets, rugs, toilet seat covers, hand towel racks and soap dispensers. Many of these items come in various colors, shapes, materials and patterns that can match just about any style of washroom decor.


Fixtures within the washroom might also be used to decorate a space. Faucets and doorknobs might match each other in an oil-rubbed bronze, brushed nickel or chrome finish. Lighting fixtures might be used to match the overall decor theme, ranging from sleek and modern to a basic white shade.

Flooring is an item that might make a statement in a washroom. Options might seem limitless when one is choosing flooring materials such as tile, marble, stone, hardwood, carpet or laminate flooring. Care should be taken in choosing a flooring material, because moisture is present in a washroom. This moisture might damage some floor surfaces.

Mirrors are an often overlooked aspect of washroom decor. Many mirrors come with decorative frame borders and in different shapes and sizes. Some individuals even customize their mirror by framing it themselves with items such as decorated wood or even pipe that has been cut into small circle shapes.

Doing research before beginning any decorating project might yield great results. Not only might it help an individual save money, it might also show him or her the wide variety of do-it-yourself options available. In addition, books, magazines and the Internet might provide pictures of washrooms that can be used as inspiration for a washroom decorating project.


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