What Are the Different Types of Washroom Accessories?

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Adding washroom accessories is a simple way to add style to one of the most used rooms of the home. Many stores now offer themed washroom decor in order to decorate with a coordinating and complete style. A washroom can have a multitude of products to help organize and departmentalize different items. Most washrooms will have a towel holder, soap holders, dispensers, utility shelves, a toilet brush holder, and a toilet paper holder.

Most washrooms will usually be equipped with several different holders to accommodate the variety of towels. Towel holders can be found in a variety of styles and finishes, and can be either free-standing or wall-mounted. For bath towels, the most popular format is a wall-mounted bar holder or a hook design placed near the shower or tub for easy access. Hand and fingertip towel holders most often come in a ring design and are either mounted or placed near the sink.

Soap holders and dispensers are integral in keeping cleansing and moisturizing products in a secure place. Most soap holders are made up of acrylic, plastic, or a type of wood and are placed next to the sink. A dispenser is usually used for liquid hand soaps or moisturizing lotion, as it can conveniently contain and dispense liquid products. Both soap holders and dispensers can serve as a decorative centerpiece to the countertop and sink area. These washroom accessories are simplistic in features, but are hygienic and convenient.


Utility shelves and medicine cabinets are washroom accessories that can be used to keep things tidy and well-organized. Wall-mounted utility shelves and cabinets come pre-built and are usually easily installed with a few screws or a nail hammered into the wall, and come with a variety of organizational features in an array of colors, textures, and finishes. Other shelves are freestanding and can be placed along the walls or some are even made to surround the back of your toilet. These types of washroom accessories allow the homeowner to play up the color scheme in the room, as well as help to facilitate an organized wash area.

For easier access to cleaning accessories, a toilet brush holder is an accessory that can also coordinate with washroom decor. This type of holder will help to keep things in the washroom clean, tidy, and hygienic. The toilet brush holder usually features a concave container that comes with a toilet brush that fits snugly into the base. Most people simply tuck them beside their toilets as an extra accent piece.

A final touch for the washroom can be the toilet paper holder. The most frequently found format is a wall-mounted design installed close to the toilet. There are also freestanding styles of toilet paper holders that can be placed freely around the washroom to enhance the overall decor. In addition, there are also holders that are used to store extra rolls of toilet paper, which can be very beneficial for larger families or for business washrooms.


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