What are the Different Types of Wall Plaques?

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Wall plaques are a great way to add some personality to nearly any space. Whether they are custom made or purchased to coordinate with existing design elements, wall plaques make attractive accessories both indoors and out.

There are various wall plaque designs that are perfect for outdoor use. Garden accents and plaques that bear a family crest or the first initial of a surname are attractive examples. Some wall plaques may bear the full surname or the address of the home. Many homeowners get creative when it comes to designing outdoor spaces, and decorative stepping-stones are sometimes used as wall plaques. Wall plaques may simply say "Welcome" to make a home more inviting to guests or to designate the entrance to the home.

Outdoor wall plaques are also used in the corporate setting to display a company name or address, or to direct visitors to a specific area such as the business office. On the other hand, a wall plaque may be used to denote historical facts, such as the date the building was constructed or the date the business was established.

Indoor wall plaques include specialty items such as corporate plaques complete with a company logo. Alternatively, they may work as award plaques, such as employee of the month commemorations or as a record of excellence in safety or customer satisfaction. In the home, wall plaques may be trophies won through sports, academic events or other competitions. There are also personalized trophies, such as "World's Best Mom."


As a decor element, wall plaques may be fine art pieces made up of simple or complex sculptures. They are available in brass, hand painted or hand stained wood, stone, marble, resin, and an assortment of other finishes. You can design your own custom wall plaques and have them engraved to represent any sentiment you like.

Personalized wall plaques make nice housewarming or wedding presents. Friends or family members who have recently moved into a new home will be delighted by a wall plaque bearing their name or address. Newlywed couples are proud of their new status, and a wall plaque that reads "Mr. and Mrs. Smith" or "The Smiths" will be well received. In fact, custom wall plaques make great gifts for nearly any occasion.


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