What Are the Different Types of Visual Artist Jobs?

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There are many career options available to a person with an interest and a background in visual arts. For example, a person who is interested in visual artist jobs may become a 3D artist or choose a career as a cartoonist. He might also consider a career in fashion design. Some people may also choose to teach others, rather than focusing on producing their own art, and become elementary, middle, secondary school or university art teachers. Others might choose to teach art through other types of organizations or even independently.

Some visual artist jobs involve the creation of 3D art. Such artwork can be used on the Internet, on television, or even by movie companies. This type of artwork may be used for visual entertainment as well as for recreation, such as in the case of 3D video games. An individual who chooses to become a 3D artist can even find jobs that involve the medical industry. For instance, he may find a job creating illustrations for use in medical instruction.


Cartooning is also among the many types of visual arts jobs. In this career, a person creates cartoon figures for newspapers, magazines, websites, and books. He usually combines talent for drawing with his unique wit to develop the text that will go along with his cartoons. In some cases, a person may look to world events to create the subject matter for his cartoons, but this isn't always the case. Some cartoonists draw on life experience instead or even rely entirely on their imaginations.

The long list of visual artist jobs also include those in fashion design. A person working in this field uses his skill and creativity to design clothing. His goal, however, is not just to cover the body, but also to create a stylish appearance. Some people with this career design clothing for designer clothing companies and runway models, but there are many other types of artists in this field as well. Others focus on designing apparel for weddings and other events, for instance. A fashion designer may even specialize in fashions for babies and children or focus specifically on men's or women's clothing.

Also among the common types of visual artist jobs are those that involve teaching others. For example, a person who chooses this career could teach others how to draw, paint, sculpt, produce cartoons, or screen-print. Some teachers in this field do not focus on the how-to of this type of art, however. Instead, they teach the history of visual arts.


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