What are the Different Types of Vinyl Privacy Fences?

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A privacy fence is a structure that provides privacy for yards or building lots. These fences are typically at least 6 feet (1.82 m) tall and provide protection from unwanted visitors. Vinyl privacy fences are made from vinyl material and come in many designs. Some examples include boards, lattice, and striped material. These fences are available in multiple colors but are most widely seen in white.

A simulated stone fence is an example of a vinyl privacy fence. It looks as if it is made of stone. This type of fence is available in white or gray. Each stone area is connected with vinyl poles at 8-foot (2.4 m) increments. The fence provides protection and a historical appearance to a home or building.

A picket fence is another design for vinyl privacy fences. This design includes small pickets with sharp arrow points at the top. The pickets are typically staggered in a manner as to provide privacy with an artsy appearance. Most picket fences are available in either white or black.

Installing vinyl privacy fences is similar to installing fabricated wood fences. This requires the installation of posts that will support each fence section. The posts are placed in 8-foot (2.4) increments and should be buried into the ground about 2 feet deep (60.9 cm).


It is important to consider the cost of installation with the purchase of a privacy fence. Most homeowners have professional fencing contractors install vinyl privacy fences, which makes the assembly easier and quicker. These companies typically charge based on the square footage of the fence. A contracting company can typically install the fence in a few days.

A solid vinyl privacy fence can hide an entire property. This has the appearance of grooved wood boards that are engraved into the plastic material. This type of fence comes in many colors and is often used to hide pools and yards from prying eyes. A solid fence provides the highest protection from intruders because it is difficult to climb and impossible to see through.

Garden fencing is designed to protect gardens from animals and predators. Installing a privacy fence around a garden helps to preserve the garden from intruders and provides better privacy. This garden fencing can be installed with a picket fence design, which will allow necessary sunlight to penetrate the fenced-in area.


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