What Are the Different Types of Vegetarian Pizza Toppings?

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Different types of vegetarian pizza toppings are based on a variety of vegetables, fake meats, and unusual pizza toppings. Numerous vegetables can be used as pizza toppings, including common toppings such as onions, peppers, and olives, as well as basic pizza toppings like cheese and sauce. There are also a number of products made for vegetarians that emulate the flavor and texture of different types of meat, including vegetarian sausage that can be used on pizza. Some vegetarian pizza toppings can also be used to make somewhat unusual pizzas, such as creamy sauces used on white pizzas or sweet toppings for dessert pizza.

Vegetarian pizza toppings are typically foods which contain no meat that can be placed on top of a pizza before it is baked. The basic toppings on most pizzas, which usually begin with a tomato sauce and shredded or sliced cheese, are both vegetarian. Common vegetarian pizza toppings also include a number of different vegetables that can be placed on a pizza. Onions, which are typically sliced and often caramelized, sliced or chopped peppers, black or green olives, mushrooms, and fruit such as pineapple can all be used on pizzas.


There are also some vegetarian pizza toppings that emulate the flavor and texture of meat, but do not contain any actual meat. Several different types of vegetarian sausages are available, usually made from soy products and flavored to have a taste similar to meat sausage. This type of vegetarian “meat” can be used on pizza to create a pizza that has a somewhat wider flavor palette than a standard vegetarian pizza. One of the most common and traditional pizzas, pizza margherita, is made using vegetarian pizza toppings and consists of tomato sauce, slices of fresh mozzarella, and basil.

Some fairly unusual types of pizzas can also be made using vegetarian pizza toppings. White pizzas can be made using a creamy sauce, rather than the standard tomato sauce, usually flavored with cheese and garlic, and may be served plain or with other toppings. A Mexican pizza can be made using the basic structure of a pizza, but using toppings with strongly Mexican flavors such as various chilies and Mexican cheeses. Vegetarian pizza toppings can also be used to make a dessert pizza, which often features a chocolate or caramel sauce and toppings such as marshmallows, shredded chocolate, and sweet fruit or candy.


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