What are the Different Types of Vanity Tables?

Sheri Cyprus

Vanity tables are available in many different shapes, sizes, materials and styles. Vanities may be rounded or straight-lined. They are typically made of wood, but may be metal and glass or even plastic. Modern and Victorian are two of the most popular types of vanity table styles.

Woman with hand on her hip
Woman with hand on her hip

Victorian vanity table designs typically have an oval-shaped mirror attached to the center back. The look is very much romantic and curved as even the table's corners tend to be rounded. The top of the furniture legs may also be slightly or dramatically curved. While this style of vanity table may be in any wood tone, dark or white painted are the two most popular finishes.

The center section of a Victorian style vanity table, under the bottom edge of the mirror, may be of a lower level than the rest of the piece. The table sections on either side of the lowered portion are the same height. The multi-leveled look, coupled with the rounded edges of Victorian vanity tables, gives them a luxurious appeal. Victorian vanities with semi-circular drawers can look especially elegant.

Modern vanity tables are typically one level in comparison with Victorian styles, although some may be made in that design. They usually have straight edges and cleaner lines. Whereas many Victorian vanities have several drawers for storage on either side of the center, a modern vanity table may not. Modern metal and glass vanity styles do often have an extra shelf under the main tabletop. The mirror on this type of vanity table is often metal trimmed and may be tri-fold in design.

Tri-fold mirrors are usually attached to modern glass and metal or wood vanity table designs. The center mirror may be larger than the two side mirrors which will be the same in size. Some modern bench-style vanity tables look similar to a tall piano bench when closed and have a hinged lid with a mirror inside. When fully opened, the bench vanity table features an upright mirror and compartments for storage, plus enough room for a stool to fit in front.

Skirted vanity tables can give plainer, straighter modern designs more of a romantic, Victorian look. Floral printed fabric and gathering are popular features of a skirted type of vanity table. For tables with long furniture legs, a gathered skirt that reaches the floor allows for hidden storage to be placed under the table.

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