What are the Different Types of Vanity Mirrors?

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Vanity mirrors are available framed or unframed, attached or unattached and in single-mirror or multiple-mirrored styles. A variety of vanity mirror sizes in a range of materials is sold today. While many vanity mirrors have straight edges, there are also many other shapes available.

The curved top vanity mirror design with straighter sides is a traditional look common in mirror-attached vanities. These vanities may feature one large mirror in this shape or a set of three mirrors with the largest-sized one in the center. The two smaller side mirrors may be hinged. Typically, hardware pieces attach these traditional types of vanity mirrors to the main dressing table section. These mirrors may feature metal or wood edging, or framing.

Rather than be attached to the lower vanity section, some types of mirror are instead hung above it. Usually these are large, single mirrors. While rectangular shapes are commonly used, either frame in wood or metal, or left without a frame, a big, round mirror hung above a vanity table can make a striking impact. Many times, if bedroom walls have patterned wallpaper or a bathroom vanity mirror is hung on a tiled wall, no frame will be used so as to not overdo the detail. Popular types of vanity mirrors include those that look like a smooth-framed rectangle, but also have pushed in looking sides to create a stylized, sophisticated shape.


Modern vanity mirror looks may be trimmed in shiny chrome or brushed nickel, while more traditional types may feature floral-embossed metal frames in bright brass or an antiqued finish. Wood used to trim all different styles of vanity mirrors may be light or dark in color as well as polished or matte in texture. Oak, cherry or other wood types may be used for a vanity mirror.

In addition to mirrors that attach with hardware to the vanity table or those that are hung above it, there are also smaller, makeup vanity mirror types. These are usually round, with magnifying mirrors on both sides. Wall mounted models of vanity makeup mirrors often have an extension section between the mirror and the mounting hardware so they can be pulled out, then back in again after use to save bathroom space. Freestanding makeup vanity mirrors have a stand as well as a single or double-sided mirror. These mirror types are designed to stand upright or be placed flat on a vanity tabletop.


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