What Are the Different Types of Updos for Straight Hair?

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When it comes to updos for straight hair, the options are virtually limitless. Some women with straight hair envy those with natural curls, but straight hair is typically just a blank canvas. Updos for straight hair usually start with a soft ponytail, centered at the back of the head or on the nape of the neck. From there, a woman may curl the ponytail into large, bouncy coils or twist it into a large, elegant bun secured with decorative pins. Ideas for the front of the ‘do include tiny braids, very soft curls, and sleek volume.

One of the easiest, fastest updos for straight hair is the twist and clip. A lady can simply twist her hair into a loose rope at the nape of her neck, press the rope vertically against the back of her head and clip it into place with a spring-loaded hair clip. The ends of the hair then often fan out in a sleek-yet-casual arrangement at the back of the head, with the hair clip dictating the elegance of the ‘do. A plastic clip works for casual events while a metallic or jeweled clip works well for more formal events.


A second set of updos for straight hair features braids. Braided hair can be cute, casual, fun, or elegant with the right touches. This hairstyle generally starts with a ponytail gathered at the nape of the neck. From there, one must braid the ponytail and wrap it around the back of one’s head, securing it with bobby pins. Tucking the ends of the hair out of sight, under the braid, finishes the look.

Women can change up this style by either smoothing their hair straight back and making it very sleek, or parting it in the center for a softer look. Center parts allow shorter hairs to feather out and frame the face. Very small French braids, starting near the hairline and stopping just above the ear, give the front of this ‘do a little extra detail. One can often use little braids like these in any of the many updos for straight hair.

Buns are generally classic updos for straight hair that change with the trends but never go out of style. Straight-haired women have a particular advantage when it comes to buns, because smooth knots usually look effortlessly sophisticated. A lady may pin her bun at the nape of her neck, near the center of the back of her head, or just under either ear. All a woman needs to do is gently twist her hair until it begins to coil in on itself and pin the ends out of sight.


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