What Are the Different Types of Updos for School?

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Updo hairstyles are typically worn for formal occasions, but there are updos for school that are casual enough to wear during the day. A bohemian-style updo can be created with a braid and hippie-inspired hair accessories. Low and loose updos can be created quickly for those with little time for styling. Top knot updos are a bolder look for those who like to set trends in the hallways.

Creation of any type of updos for school requires hair that is at least medium in length, though longer hair is easiest to work into the styles. Tools can be kept simple with hair pins, hairspray, and optional hair decorations such as jewels or flowers. A flat iron may be required if curly or wavy hair is transformed into a sleeker look.


Bohemian updos for school should start with hair that's either straight or slightly wavy. 2 inches (5.1 cm) of hair on each side of the face should be pulled forward and clipped out of the way before the remaining hair is divided in half at the back. Each half is then tightly braided, and the braids are wrapped so that they cross at the back, curve up the sides, and meet their ends on top near the forehead, where they're pinned in place. Pins are removed from the front section, allowing it to frame the face, and the style is sprayed into place, and then accented with hair flowers or a leather headband, if desired.

Lower updos for school are easier to accomplish, as they're a combination of making a ponytail and a bun. Hair is gathered at one side of the head in a low ponytail and secured loosely with an elastic. The ends of the ponytail are then folded up and passed through the elastic until the halfway point of the hair is even with the elastic to create a low looped bun. The remaining hair sticking up over the elastic should be wound around to hide it and pinned into place behind the bun.

Top knots are the sleekest, and most daring, type of updos for school and they require medium to thick hair that has been completely straightened before styling. Hair is brushed straight back from the face and pulled into a high ponytail that's secured with a hair elastic. The ponytail should be wrapped around its elastic base until it forms a bun, pausing every few twists to secure with hair pins. Ends of the ponytail are left peeking out of the bun to break up the tightness.


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