What are the Different Types of Two-Way Radio Accessories?

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There are many two-way radio accessories available that can make using a radio easier. Some popular two-way radio accessories include headsets that allow hands-free operation and speaker microphones that can be attached within easy reach. Rechargeable batteries and battery chargers are available to extend the battery life of the radio and keep it available for use. Belt holders and clips allow a two-way radio to be carried comfortably at the waist.

Hands-free headsets and speaker microphones are available for most two-way radio systems and allow the operator to maintain communications without needing to hold the radio in his or her hand. Some models offer wireless solutions using Bluetooth® technology, but a wired headset is usually available for all two-way radio models. A speaker microphone can be attached to a shirt or jacket and gives the operator easy access to radio communications. A small wire connects the speaker microphone to the radio.

Many two-way radios are portable and require a battery to operate properly. One of the more popular two-way radio accessories is a rechargeable battery, which allows the unit to be charged without needing new batteries. Some models offer removable batteries so more than one battery can be kept charged all the times, and the batteries can be switched out when necessary.


Portable two-way radios may offer belt clips or holders that allow the radio to be carried conveniently at the waist for easy access. Without a belt clip or holder, the radio may need to be carried in a pocket or bag, which could make it hard for the operator to hear any radio communications. Belt clips attach directly to the radio. Two-way radio holders may be made of plastic or leather and allow the radio to be removed without requiring the operator to also remove the holder.

There are many accessories available for two-way radios. The operator has many options that can make using the radio easier. The manufacturer may offer accessories specifically for a particular radio, but other companies also produce accessories that are compatible with many different two-way radios. Since not all two-way radio accessories work with all radio models, it is important to make sure the accessory is compatible with the radio. Safe operation should be given priority when choosing an accessory.


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