What are the Different Types of Tuscan Accessories?

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The different types of Tuscan accessories include those made from clay, cloth and metal as well as stone. Natural elements are an important part of this decor style, as they involve the rich resources found in Tuscany, Italy. Italian ceramics, terracotta pottery and hand-worked tapestries are essential types of Tuscan accessories. Metal home accents in this decorating style include vases, vessels, mirrors and platters made from copper, bronze or iron. Different types of Tuscan stone home decor elements range from flooring and kitchen accessories to garden features.

Stone benches are a popular type of Tuscan outdoor accessory. This type of Italian garden furniture piece gives a rustic feeling to the exterior space of a home's courtyard or patio. It also can provide an earthy contrast to the brightly colored flowers typically planted in terracotta clay pots in a Tuscan-themed outdoor area. Rough-looking stone flooring combined with textured terracotta walls outdoors can further enhance the rustic charm of the other types of Tuscan accessories.

Popular Tuscan kitchen accessories made of stone include trivets as well as counter tops and back splashes. The earthy, rustic element adds a natural elegance to kitchens. Similarly, metal Tuscan accessories establish a richness and warmth in these kinds of Italian decors. The metal colors may be mixed in Tuscan homes and may include the orange-brown of copper, the greenish-tan of bronze and the open-worked blackness of wrought iron.


Elaborately scrolled and twisted wrought iron plate holders or hanging pot racks can stand out dramatically from the brownish-orange terracotta walls of many Tuscan kitchens. Wall art, trivets and paper towel holders are other types of common Tuscan accessories made from this metal. Bronze accessories in a Tuscan home may include large mirrors, vases or platters. Such over-sized, metal pieces can provide a good contrast to plants and greenery featured in Tuscan interiors. Copper urns or vessels, which may be large enough to stand in a hallway or corner or small enough to decorate a counter top offer a striking Tuscan accessory choice for both warmth and drama.

The metal accents in Tuscan homes can contrast strikingly with softer pieces such as hand-made cloth tapestries hanging on the walls. These tapestries may show settings from Tuscan hillsides to enrich the decor theme. Italian ceramics in rich, detailed patterns and colors provide a wide variety of useful Tuscan accessories in the home. Cookie, or biscotti, jars, plates and spoon rests in vibrant oranges, yellows, blues and greens in flower or leaf motifs are popular Tuscan kitchen accessories.


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