What are the Different Types of Triathlon Swimsuits?

Patti Kate

There are many varieties of triathlon swimsuits including those designed for men and those designed for women. Childrens' triathlon swimsuits come in various styles as well. Mens' triathlon swimwear may include low-rise brief style, square-leg or endurance style as well as various tank tops for swimming. Womens' triathlon swimsuits include one-piece suits, sports tanks, speed suits, and TRI suits. Triathlon wetsuits are another type for both men and women.

Most triathlon wetsuits are made of neoprene.
Most triathlon wetsuits are made of neoprene.

For wetsuit swimming, some of the most common triathlon swimsuits are fullsleeve. These are designed with a thermal lining to protect the swimmer in cold water. Many of these wetsuits feature Velcro® closures. These swimsuits allow for flexibility and full range of motion. Silicone and neoprene are some of the materials used in these suits. They are also designed to repel water for faster drying time.

Swimming is only one aspect of a triathlon, which also includes biking and running.
Swimming is only one aspect of a triathlon, which also includes biking and running.

Speedtube wetsuits are typically designed for men. Other designs in mens' triathlon swimsuits are sleeveless wetsuits and hurricane wetsuits. These are constructed with a thick material for good skin insulation. Wetsuits with bib straps are another type of triathlon swimsuit. Speedvests may be worn separately as part of the swimsuit.

Square leg triathlon swimsuits feature slightly longer leg coverings. Many athletes who are in training choose this style of swimsuit as it allows for greater comfort, endurance and mobility. This style may be made from a polyester and spandex combination. Nylon team trainer swim shorts are also worn by beginners.

Mens' spliced trisuits are often used for various sporting activities. These are generally preferred for warm water and are suitable for swimming events as well as mountain biking. Some of these feature pockets and most are available in all sizes. These trisuits are typically found in dark colors such as black or navy.

Swim hoodies are a type of triathlon swimming apparel designed with various swimming events in mind. There are backstroke hoodies and breaststroke hoodies available, among others. These may be available in mens' and womens' sizes as well as childrens'.

Triathlon swimsuits for children include boys' racer swimming trunks and boys' jammers. Made of spandex, the racer is a type of training apparel. These can usually be found in various solid colors. The jammer is occasionally made of Lycra® for a good deal of mobility. Girls one-piece swimsuits are typically fast drying and made for training purposes. The material is generally resistant to chlorine as well.

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