What Are the Different Types of Travel Industry Trends?

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Travel industry trends may include changes in the length of trips as well as the amount of luxury involved. The economy tends to play a large role in tourism trends, but other factors such as worldwide events or attractions that appeal to many people can also be instrumental. Transportation changes may also have an effect on the tourism industry. Technology can greatly affect tourism trends as demand for the latest products increases. Consumer behavior, such as an interest in activities that require travel, is another type of occurrence that can have an effect on trends in the industry.

For instance, if skiing becomes one of the trendiest sports, a trend in travel to ski resorts worldwide is likely to occur. Travel companies analyze trends to meet the demand. In the case of ski lodge travel industry trends, companies may create "ski and stay" package deals that might also include airfare. Trends can also decrease the need for some travel products such as a shift in consumer behavior in which "staycations" rather than vacations become popular.


Breakthroughs in technology can create new demands in travel trends, such as by business travelers who want compatible computer equipment in their hotel rooms. Computer technology can also start trends in how consumers access travel information and book trips as well as in how people connect worldwide via social media applications. Marketing travel industry trends often embrace new technological advances such as by reaching potential customers with online surveys, contests, advertising and discount offers.

Events such as the Olympic Games or openings of new holiday resorts or tourist attractions can cause trends in the number of people wanting to travel to those locations. In this way, travel industry trends to certain countries or regions in the world may increase, while others decrease in popularity. New tourist spots typically mean more business for tour companies and the inclusion of tours and themed travel package offers. When the trends are economy driven, either in an downturn or upswing, they can have a strong influence on the industry as a whole.

Travel companies typically use tourism analysis to discover the needs and desires of travelers in any type of economy. In an economic surge, there is likely to be an increase in travel and/or more demand for luxury amenities. In a recession, travel companies are apt to use industry tools to create appealing budget travel options or promote shorter trips. Changes in transportation such as an increase in fuel costs can also affect travel industry trends and cause companies to market savings packages.


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Post 3

I am loving how easy it is to book great trips by yourself online. It used to be such a hassle to go through a travel agent. You knew what you wanted, you just had to go through three middle men to get it.

Now I can book a world tour on my own terms and on my own time. I usually save money and get more of what I want on my trip. Internet travel is fantastic.

Post 2
What do you think the future of airport security will be like? This has been on my mind a lot recently because I just flew on an airplane for the first time in about 7 years.

The last time was post 9/11 and security was already pretty intense. But this time around it seemed ridiculous. People were getting their bags and bodies searched left and right. And that requirement to take your shoes off is still really annoying.

If security gets even more intense in the future do you think it will deter people from flying? Also, should we start to expect this level of security in other modes of travel like trains, buses and public transportation?

Post 1

One of the most interesting and most positive trends in the travel industry has been the growing popularity of green travel.

This has taken on many forms. Some people choose to travel in very responsible ways, trying to minimize the foot print of their travel. They by carbon off set credits, travel to ecologically responsible places and generally try to tread as lightly as possible while also experiencing the world.

Other people just want to travel to beautiful natural settings and have an outdoor experience in contrast to going on a cruise or staying in a resort. I think that both forms are positive trends. Travel is a very wasteful process as fun as it may be. If we would all make the decision to travel more responsibly it would go a long way towards the health of the world.

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