What Are the Different Types of Trainee CAD Jobs?

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Trainee computer-aided design (CAD) jobs are entry-level jobs in the field that can help individuals learn the basics of working as a CAD professional. There are many types of trainee CAD jobs, including working in drafting, specialized CAD fields, and mapping. Jobs are available in the fields of civil engineering, aeronautical engineering, architecture, and many other areas related to design and construction. Most trainee CAD jobs require some knowledge of CAD in order to be hired, but individuals can expect to learn a lot about the field through this type of experience.

Once a person has obtained CAD training from a technical school, community college, or four-year college or university, he or she can begin looking for trainee CAD jobs. These positions take the basic knowledge that an individual has developed through his or her education and expand upon it in the professional world, through working closely with experienced CAD technicians and other individuals involved with CAD.

Trainee CAD jobs are available in the many disciplines that utilize CAD on a regular basis. This includes different types of engineering, such as civil, electrical, and aeronautical, as well as architecture and structural building. In all of the various trainee CAD jobs, an individual will use CAD programs to design or draft project blueprints. For example, in the field of aeronautical engineering, a CAD trainee helps experienced designers develop blueprints for aircraft or missiles.


In each field, a CAD trainee works with similar computer software to design completely different components. A CAD trainee working in civil engineering helps to develop maps that can be used when determining building sites for roads. In the oil business, CAD trainees design the blueprints for pipelines, with the help of advanced CAD professionals and engineers. Individuals design the layouts for wiring systems in electrical trainee CAD jobs.

Another aspect of trainee jobs entails determining the right materials and equipment needed for a specific job. For example, a trainee in the architecture field will research different types of building materials to use on a particular project, such as wood, concrete, or steel. In a large company, a CAD trainee can work on certain parts of projects, such as creating initial technical drawings, most of the time. When working for a smaller company, a trainee can do a variety of different tasks on a particular day, due to the fact that there are less people working for the organization.


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