What are the Different Types of Trade Show Displays?

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Trade show displays attract attention to a company's services or products. Forms of trade show displays vary in size, style, and cost. Various types include pop-up displays, banner stands, literature racks, and tabletop panels.

Pop-up displays are created from fabric, vinyl, or plastic and contain a graphic image or multiple images. They are available in tabletop or floor display versions. Advantages of pop-up trade show displays include convenience, simplicity of set-up and tear-down, and ease of transportation.

Pop-ups are effective as standalone trade show displays for smaller shows or as part of a larger exhibit. Some of these lightweight displays feature lighting and shelving options, and most include a shipping/carry case. Pop-up displays are generally not adjustable in size, however. When choosing a pop-up display, consider durability, ease of assembly, and warranty.

Another graphic option in trade show displays is the vinyl or fabric banner. Retractable banner stands are available to display the banner and come in a variety of styles including single, double, and triple-sided models. Banner stands are lightweight, portable, and durable. Some banner stands feature lights to enhance the image display. Hanging banners are also available for a memorable presentation.


Literature racks, generally made of plastic or aluminum, are stands that hold product or company literature in pockets. A literature rack used for trade show displays collapses for easy portability and comes with either a case or carry bag. Literature racks come in a variety of colors, styles and capacities; most racks feature three to ten pockets. Some roll-away fabric versions are popular with those who work trade show displays due to their ease of assembly and shipping.

Tabletop panels are rectangular pieces that form trade show displays and are available in several sizes and shapes. Tabletop panels are compact and can be shipped to the trade show location with graphics in place. Often, briefcase style cases are included for transportation. Because panel displays are available in a variety of design choices and colors, you can coordinate your display with a company's logo or colors. Tabletop panels tend to be more durable than pop-up systems, but are not as simple to assemble.

Another option for trade show displays is a PowerPoint or similar presentation. The presentation might include product, service, or company details. With the use of a laptop, the presentation can run continuously at your booth or table.

Trade show displays often feature a table cover or runner, either printed with a company logo or utilizing a particular color scheme. A standalone presentation board is an inexpensive option that should include at minimum a company name and logo, and might also feature photos depicting how clients can use your service or products.


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