What Are the Different Types of Trade Show Banner Displays?

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Trade show banner displays include pop-up banners, tabletop banners, and hanging banners. More elaborate displays may be framed using lights or electronic lettering. On a much smaller scale, trade show banners are also displayed on promotional items such as caps, t-shirts, and mugs. Businesses use this type of marketing and advertising at trade shows in an attempt to encourage prospective clients to visit their booths.

Most pop-up trade show banner displays are made out of fabric or vinyl. This type of banner typically pulls up from the bottom, where it is then attached to a steel frame that holds it in place. These trade show banner displays are popular because they can be easily transported without the worry of bending or wrinkling. Hanging banners are also often made from these materials, and are installed by using wires that drop down from either the ceiling or the top of the booth frame. For purposes of creating displays, printing on vinyl results in brighter, more vivid images that can be produced when printing on fabric, but fabric is much more wrinkle resistant.


Electronic trade show banner displays are more expensive than those made from vinyl or fabric, but are often very eye-catching. These displays create a very high-tech message, and may be especially appealing for businesses competing in trade shows devoted to electronic products. Installation and production of this type of banner can be time consuming and might require the services of professionally trained engineers. One of the advantages of using an electronic display is that businesses can choose between electronic lettering and moving graphics.

For businesses that cannot afford to go with electronic trade show banner displays, but want something more compelling than simple vinyl or fabric, adding lights to the display may be a good idea. The lights can be used to frame a simple vinyl or fabric banner, transforming it into a much more dramatic display. In addition, light effects can often be rented rather than purchased, which could save a great deal of money.

Displaying the company name and logo on promotional items is very common for businesses competing for clients attending trade shows. Even though the banner itself is small, the fact that the customer can take away a reminder of the business in the form of a complimentary item can have a huge advertising impact. This type of personal advertising is so effective that many businesses spend more money on these types of trade show banner displays than they do on any other type of show-related advertising.


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