What Are the Different Types of Trade Finance Jobs?

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Trade finance is used in the business of international trade. An importing party can receive shipments for goods in exchange for a letter of credit from a financing firm and pay for the products in the near future. There are many different moving parts of the transaction process, not the least of which are the professionals who make the deals possible. Whether on the sales, product management, or financing side of the business, trade finance jobs are suitable for professionals who understand the complexities of international trade.

Sales professionals constitute one segment of trade finance jobs. These industry professionals are typically expected to generate a certain amount of sales each year in order to perform in line with expectations. A more senior sales executive may oversee the performance of other salespeople.

Included in the function of sales professionals in trade finance jobs is to work across market participants. Sales individuals must coordinate with the product developers in addition to the bankers who provide deal financing to determine if the terms of any deals are appropriate for clients. These professionals are often involved with the trade finance transaction from start to finish, from locating new business to securing financing to the completion of the import or export activity.


An investment banker and risk manager are involved with providing the financing to clients, and these are both types of trade finance jobs. Together, these professionals may determine the credit worthiness of borrowing parties and come up with the financing terms of the trade agreement. Bankers are involved with assessing the economic environment in light of the deal and determining the most appropriate type of financing to use. Trade finance deals are often international transactions, and bankers become at risk if clients do not follow through with payments. This is in part why the risk manager's role is so integral in assessing whether participating in certain deals is worth the payoff.

Product managers represent other types of trade finance jobs. Relocation may be necessary for these spots as demand warrants. Tasks associated with product managers could involve overseeing the development of new products and making improvements to any existing offerings. Product managers work with other professionals on the sales and marketing sides to increase the chances for a successful debut of a new product. Most all of the market participants in trade finance, including product managers, are involved with the process until the delivery of the product is completed.


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