What are the Different Types of Toning Machines?

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There are several types of toning machines available to build muscle while helping to shed unwanted flab. These toning machines might include rowing exercise machines, elliptical machines and gliders. Exercise bicycles and abdominal crunch machines may also be included. Different types of toning machines target various parts of the body and have individual uses for each muscle group.

A rowing machine typically targets the upper body with a steady, rhythmic rowing action. It can help to tone the upper arms, shoulders and pectoral chest muscles. Defining muscle tone while shaping the areas involved, rowers are popular because of their versatility. Some of these incorporate a simultaneous lower-body workout. In addition to functioning as a toning machine, a rower can help endurance while strengthening the body at the same time.

One extremely popular toning machine that incorporates a full cardiovascular workout is an elliptical trainer. While helping to increase the heart rate, it acts to define and sculpt muscles. Some elliptical machines incorporate a rowing type of upper-body movement, and this is an added benefit for the arms as well as the legs. Typically, these toning machines feature adjustable resistance. This makes the workout more challenging according to skill level.


Abdominal toning can be accomplished by the use of abdominal devices. These can work in numerous ways, such as aiding in sit-ups or crunches. A toning belt is a different type of tummy-toner which is actually more of a device than a machine. It is designed to help the individual shed excess abdominal fat while being worn around the waist.

Exercise bikes are a type of toning machine that can help to shape and tone legs and thighs. These, too, can be adjusted to add more or less resistance. As the individual's strength increases, the toning effect can be increased as well. Bikes will generally work virtually all muscles of the inner and outer thighs as well as calves.

As an alternative to standard toning machines, exercise bands can promote toning at home as part of a fitness program. This is a versatile piece of toning equipment. It can be used for the upper and lower arms as well as the legs. Another feature of an exercise resistance band is the relatively inexpensive cost.

Gaining increased popularity for its toning abilities is the balance ball. This equipment is also known as a stability ball. This is a toning machine that is virtually self-propelled. There is no motor, yet its mechanics are very precise. Low-impact and self-contained, this is another alternative to the more expensive toning machines.

The functional stability ball can aid in toning all of the major muscle groups within the body. Typically used for control in Pilates and yoga, it's become a mainstay in gyms and fitness centers. The balance ball can tone and sculpt while helping to maintain correct posture.


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