What Are the Different Types of Toilet Paper Roll Crafts?

Melanie Smeltzer

Toilet paper roll crafts are fun, economical projects that can be done in the classroom or at home. Most of these projects require little more than glue, scissors, and paint. Others may be more ornate, calling for glitter, feathers, fake flowers, or plastic gems. These simple rolls can be used to create items like paper dolls, decorative fake candles, pencil holders, and vases.

After using up a roll of toilet paper, some people choose to save the cardboard rolls for projects.
After using up a roll of toilet paper, some people choose to save the cardboard rolls for projects.

Vases and pencil holders are some of the most recognizable varieties of toilet paper roll crafts. This simple project often only requires a toilet paper roll, scissors, and a bit of paint. A slightly more complicated version may also require wooden craft sticks. To do this project, a small circle of thick paper or cardboard should be cut and glued to the bottom of the roll, the craft sticks or the roll itself should be painted, and then the sticks should be glued directly on to the roll. For a vase, fake flowers may be glued into the inside walls of the toilet paper roll.

Many types of crafts use wool yarn.
Many types of crafts use wool yarn.

Paper instruments, though they generally require more material, are other enjoyable types of toilet paper roll crafts. One example is the paper guitar, which requires a cardboard tissue or shoe box, rubber bands, a pencil, and toilet paper roll. This craft can be done by placing the rubber bands around the length of the box, fitting the pencil under the rubber bands along one side of the opening, and taping or gluing the roll to the end of the paper guitar.

Rainmakers are another popular project. They require a toilet paper roll, dry beans or popcorn seeds, aluminum foil and thick paper, glue, and decorating supplies. To make this craft, two circles should be cut out of the thick paper, and one circle should be glued to one side of the roll. The aluminum foil should be crunched up and placed into the tube, top with beans or seeds, then cap the other side of the roll with the second circle. Once glue is dry, the roll can be decorated.

Although vases and instruments are some of the more popular types of toilet paper roll crafts, many other kinds of projects are possible. For example, pieces of paper can be cut and glued to a roll to create a doll or figurine. Toilet paper rolls can also be used to create simple bird feeders, castles, or houses, or glued to pieces of thick paper or cardboard to create artistic depictions of skeletons, trees, or totem poles.

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One craft from toilet paper rolls to make is a felt-covered drum as an ornament for a Christmas tree.

Cut the roll in half, and using an all purpose glue, cover it in felt. Glue braid or rick-rack around the top and bottom. Toothpicks for drumsticks, and a loop of braid for hanging, and it's a cute craft that parents and children can do together.

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