What Are the Different Types of Throw Rugs?

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Throw rugs are small- to medium-sized rugs that fit in a variety of spaces throughout the home. They are usually lightweight and they often feature non-slip surfaces to prevent the rugs from moving, even on smooth surfaces such as hardwood floors. The types of throw rugs available accommodate a variety of purposes, from door mats to bathroom mats to kitchen rugs to hallway runners. Before choosing a throw rug, it is important to determine where in the house the rug will be placed, and how often it will be used.

Some of the most common types of throw rugs are children's throw rugs that can be placed in a bedroom or playroom. These rugs are usually durable to endure playtime, and they are quite often bright and colorful. Many of these rugs feature shapes, patterns, letters, numbers, and even other patterns that can become part of playtime. Some rugs, for example, feature a racetrack pattern on which children can race their toy cars. It is important to measure the bedroom or playroom before purchasing such throw rugs; buy one that will cover much of the floor, especially if the floor is hardwood, to provide cushion for the child and to protect the floor from playtime damage.


Kitchen and bathroom throw rugs very often feature non-slip surfaces to prevent the rug from moving during use. These two areas of the house are more likely to have water on the floor from tubs or sinks, so the non-slip surface is a key consideration when purchasing such rugs. Throw rugs for the kitchen and bathroom tend to be smaller to cover less area; they are usually placed around sinks and toilets, as well as outside bathtubs. It is important to choose a throw rug that is machine washable, since these rugs are more likely than other types of rugs to become dirty, soggy, grimy, or otherwise in need of a washing.

Doormats are a type of throw rug often placed in a doorway to allow guests to wipe their feet before entering a home. These, too, are generally small, though hallway runners may be longer and accomplish the same task. A runner is usually a long, narrow rug that runs the length of a hallway, and smaller runners in entryways may extend a few feet from the door into the home. These rugs will get dirty very quickly, so they should be either machine washable or easily vacuumed.


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