What Are the Different Types of Theology Grants?

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Theology grants are available to assist students with tuition and other expenses associated with higher learning. Some types of theology grants available in the United States are African-American Ministries and Latino leadership grants. Other grants, such as the Pell grant and denominational grant, are often available under specific circumstances. Private and church-based theology grants can sometimes be obtained to allow a prospective student to attend theology school; however, these types of grants can often have many stipulations that must be agreed to in order to receive the grant money.

Unlike a loan, theology grants do not require repayment. These are gifts to assist with tuition, books, and housing, and are often based on financial status. Most areas have a grant system based on a set of particular criteria, such as financial status and faith. In the United States, the federal government offers a Pell grant to those who qualify as low-income students. Other government theology grants in the United States consist of the Academic Competitiveness Grant available to low-income freshmen and sophomores who have an outstanding academic record. Another of the government-offered grants is the SMART grant, which is available to junior and senior students who are studying any of the sciences.


Denominational theology grants are commonly available for students of a particular denomination or religion. These grants typically offer assistance to a student affiliated with a particular religion and are often complete with stipulations, such as a required course of study. Other possible stipulations to denominational theology grants include the requirement to serve in a specific area for a specific period of time, to serve as a missionary for a set period of time, or to work as an educator in one of the denomination's mission schools. This type of grant is somewhat like a loan as it has to be "paid off" by services rendered.

Other types of theology grants come from the private sector. Typically provided by a prominent member of the church, this type of grant is offered as a means to repay the church for a blessing or good fortune. This type of grant is usually not advertised to the general public and is only made available by inquiring with church leaders. This grant also has the potential of being the most lucrative, with tuition, books, and room and board being covered, in some cases. Typically, private grants can also be found by inquiring with the alumni department at a theological school.


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