What Are the Different Types of Tester Jobs?

Lori Kilchermann

Tester jobs often focus on quality and improvements for a wide array of products. Different types of tester jobs are available in nearly every type of industry and manufacturing facility throughout the world, from those making food and phones to manufacturers of explosives. In some areas, certain testing is required for products which are consumed or can potentially injure a person. Some testing jobs may seem more like child's play, such as testing water slides and video games, while others can require workers to possess advanced educational degrees, such as quality control for new medicine.

Beta testers may test video games.
Beta testers may test video games.

Product testers typically select a predetermined number of products from a production run and perform a repetitive battery of tests on the products to create an accurate picture of quality. Conducting the tests can help reveal if defects or flaws exist in the products. By tracking when the samples were created, the root of the problem can often be narrowed to causes such as defective parts or poor workmanship. For example, if the back-lighting fails to illuminate on a test batch of telephones, it may be determined that the phones were inappropriately soldered or a faulty light bulb was being installed.

The strengths and weaknesses of new products may be tested by beta testers.
The strengths and weaknesses of new products may be tested by beta testers.

Some tester jobs are also used to help determine which products should be introduced into the marketplace. Companies will often offer products on a limited scale in certain locations before widely launching products. Workers in tester jobs often distribute the potential new products directly to consumers and get feedback and suggestions using data-gathering tools, such as a short survey or feedback postcard.

Many tester jobs involve food and beverages. Processed food is often tested to make sure it is bacteria-free and being cooked or canned at the proper temperature. Taste, texture and consistency are also examined by workers in tester jobs. Some government agencies mandate testing procedures for certain foods.

Computer-related tester jobs include software, hardware and video game testing. A variety of components, including the art, text and sound of games and programs, are typically tested. Testers are often required to use the program or play the game and note inconsistencies, errors or components which could be improved. Based on recommendations from testers, changes and tweaks can be made to the programs and games.

A wide variety of products employ testers to help perfect products, including manufacturers of explosives. Testers perform experiments to measure the performance of the explosive components when exposed to different elements, such as heat and pressure. Testers are also used to test games and luxury beds.

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