What are the Different Types of Terry Slippers?

Hillary Flynn
Hillary Flynn

One of the most popular slipper materials around is terry. Terry, or terrycloth, is a pile fabric, meaning it is woven in a way that creates tiny loops stacked against and upon one another. Cotton is usually the textile used, and this method of weaving creates a soft, plush, durable, and absorbent material. Because of its lush feel combined with its practical durability, terry is often the first material choice for towels and robes, as well as slippers. Check into any elite spa and it's likely all guests will be sporting soft and cozy terry slippers.

Terry slippers are often found in spas.
Terry slippers are often found in spas.

All terry slippers are not made alike, however. Terry comes in ultra-soft, ultra-thick, rough and rugged, or just about any other texture a consumer desires. By creating shorter or longer loops, weaving more or fewer threads to control the density, or just adjusting the weave pattern, terrycloth can be made to satisfy anyone's taste. Once the desired texture is found, the next option in terry slipper selection is style.

Many styles of terry slippers exist, some more suitable for certain situations than others. As stated above, terry slippers are often found in spas and hotels to be used by guests. Spa slippers are often made in the thong style. This is important when a guest is participating in spa and beauty treatments focused on the feet. Brand new pedicures would be a mess if a client immediately stepped into a slipper or shoe with closed toes.

For those chilly nights at home, a terry slipper that contains the majority of the foot is ideal. Moccasin style lends itself well to this type of duty. Lined terry moccasin slippers are even better. A super soft and delicate terry fabric on the inside is sure to keep cold toes happy, and a more durable and rough terry fabric on the outside will help prevent slips and falls. The "bootie" style works well for home use too. Bootie slippers extend past the ankle and provide the most coverage of all the terry slipper styles.

Terry slippers are suitable for men as well, as terry is not a frilly material. Terry is the ultimate universal fabric. It can be made soft enough to comfort an infant, durable enough to serve as a towel, and it comes in every color imaginable. It's absorbent, it holds up well, it's lightweight, yet still keeps the cold chill off the feet, and it is sure to remain one of the most popular slipper materials for years to come.

Hillary Flynn
Hillary Flynn

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My mom likes the terry Dearfoam slippers with a rubber sole and open toe. I call them her "old lady" slippers, and she laughs.

I prefer a closed toe on my slippers. I actually prefer the fuzzy socks that are rather chenille-like. They're very warm and cozy.

Terry is better in the summer time, since it breathes, which is handy if your feet sweat.

The great thing about terry slippers is that they are usually washable. You can throw them in the machine and hang them up to dry and they're clean. That's not always the case with slippers, but it's handy, since slippers tend to take a lot of wear and abuse.

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