What Are the Different Types of TEFL Certification Programs?

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Some of the most common Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) certification programs can either be taken in conventional classrooms or online. It also is common to find programs that can accommodate full or part time study, and even flexible study hours during evenings and weekends. Another option for individuals choosing TEFL certification programs is to study in countries where such English language programs are needed. For example, if a person would like to teach in Spain, he or she might find a program that includes practice instruction in a Spanish city.

TEFL certification is an internationally recognized qualification that allows individuals to teach English to peoples who do not speak English as a native language. When people enroll in TEFL certification programs, they engage in teacher instruction designed specifically for individuals who plan on working with students who are not fluent in English. TEFL certificate recipients may teach to individuals in their own countries or may travel to countries where English is not a primary language.


Some of the most common kinds of TEFL certification programs are those which are much like conventional academic programs. Students meet in a classroom, normally in groups of 8-12 students, and learn from a qualified instructor how to develop teaching materials and work with students with whom they may have trouble communicating. Individuals who are able to attend classes full time might meet for regular weekday sessions. Those with full time jobs and other obligations often choose part time programs that meet on evenings and weekends.

Online TEFL certification programs also are popular among many aspiring English instructors. These courses can be accessed from any location where there is a reliable Internet connection. Much of TEFL training, however, requires students to learn from firsthand experience, so it is rare that a TEFL program is held entirely online.

In many cases, where an individual would like to teach affects his or her choice of TEFL certification programs. For example, if an American is interested in teaching English to students in the United States, he or she might benefit most from a domestic program. A person who would like to teach in Asia or South America, however, might choose a program that is held in the country where he or she plans to teach, since it might provide specific instruction related to working with people of a certain culture.


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