What Are the Different Types of Teenage Haircut Styles?

Tara Barnett

Teenage haircut styles are often bolder and more inventive than haircuts for both younger and older people, but there is no unifying factor that unites all teenage haircut styles. Many teenagers choose to use their hair as a form of expression, but some are happy with conventional, stylish cuts that would look acceptable on an adult. The primary difference between teenage haircuts and child haircuts is that teenagers often have more input into their own style. It is possible for a teenager to wear nearly any style, but there may be some restrictions placed on the teen's expression by school, work, or family.

Teen boys often choose short, simple haircuts.
Teen boys often choose short, simple haircuts.

Many teenagers wear traditional hairstyles, like bobs, layered cuts, and other simple, straight designs. Asymmetrical haircuts are very popular in some communities, and dying the hair may be popular as well. Teenagers are often limited in terms of haircut by time and effort required, as many teens are very busy and cannot spend hours working on a particular style. The qualities of the teenager's hair also play a role in which haircuts are possible, as curly hair cannot always take on the same cuts as straight hair.

Hair characteristics play a part in which haircuts are possible for teenagers.
Hair characteristics play a part in which haircuts are possible for teenagers.

Given the age of the person wearing the haircut, this type of hairstyle is often more playful and expressive than haircuts for older people. Teenage girl haircuts may include flouncy bangs or curls, and teenage boy haircuts might be spiky or larger than might be considered professionally acceptable. One major exception to this rule involves teenagers who go to very restrictive schools, such as military schools, and must adhere to specific haircut guidelines. Like adult haircuts, teenage haircut styles must allow the teen to succeed in his or her interactions with others.

Many teenagers care very little about haircuts and choose to continue wearing the same haircut they wore as children. For boys, this may mean a short, simple cut, and for girls, it may involve wearing the hair long. Often, teenagers grow accustomed to looking a certain way and feel that making major changes would constitute a change in identity. When teenagers make drastic haircut changes, it is typically to fit in better a specific group, including punk, goth, and preppy haircut styles.

In many cases, celebrities influence teenage haircut styles. The hairstyles of actors, musicians, and other important figures idolized by teens may be duplicated. What is considered to be popular changes rapidly, so the most common teenage haircut styles are also quite mutable. One of the best ways to get a good overview of the different current teenage haircut styles is to look in magazines aimed at teens.

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