What Are the Different Types of Teen after School Employment?

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There are many types of after school employment a teen may pursue. For example, some of the most common are those that involve care giving, such as babysitting or walking a neighbor’s dog. Many teens also find after school employment in grocery stores where they may collect carts from parking lots, bag groceries, help with stocking shelves, or even serve as cashiers. Retail establishments often hire after school workers, as do restaurants and movie theaters. An ambitious teen may even start his own business.

A teen may find various types of after school employment available to him. Among the most common types, however, are those that involve care giving. A teen may babysit a younger child who needs after school care or help a mother who needs help with her children in the afternoon. For instance, some stay-at-home or work-at-home mothers may hire teens as mother’s helpers. A teen may also work after school walking dogs or feeding them when their owners are unable to do so.

Another common type of after school employment can be found in grocery stores. Many grocery store managers are willing to hire teens for a range of jobs. For instance, teens can often be found collecting shopping carts from grocery store parking lots and bagging groceries for customers. Teens may also hold positions stocking shelves and helping with inventory. Additionally, teens may find after school employment as cashiers in grocery stores.


Many teens find after school employment in retail establishments. For example, record, clothing, and drug stores are just a few of the types of retail establishments that commonly hire after school workers. Stores that sell shoes and cell phones may hire them as well. While a teen may secure a job with just about any type of retail store, those that cater to younger clients may be more likely to hire him.

Often, teens also have luck landing jobs in restaurants. Most commonly, teens are successful with landing jobs at fast food establishments, but many find jobs in regular restaurants as well. In many cases, they hold jobs as cashiers, bus boys, waiters, and hosts. Sometimes they have the opportunity to assist with food preparation as well.

A teen with entrepreneurial spirit may create his own job by starting a part-time business. For example, he may run errands or mow lawns to earn money. Some teens also make money washing cars or tutoring younger children.


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