What Are the Different Types of Suture Scissors?

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Various types of suture scissors are used for procedures that require sutures to close surgical incisions or wounds, and most have a serrated blade. Scissors may be designed for suturing specific areas of the body. For example, iris surgical scissors are used to suture wounds or incisions of the eye. For patients requiring sutures inside the nasal cavity, special nasal suture scissors may be used. Suture scissors are used during various surgeries of the throat or ear as well, and these include tonsil suture scissors and ear scissors.

Oral surgeons generally use suture scissors with a long body. This type of suture scissor will enable the oral surgeon to delve into hard-to-reach areas of the mouth. Oral scissors used for suturing are typically about 6 inches (15 cm) long.

Scissors used for stitching injuries and wounds requiring only a few sutures may be short in length. Scissors like this are commonly used on fingers and toes. Some suture scissors are slightly curved and bent and some are flat.

In many cases, sutures need to be removed after an incision has had some time to heal. The removal of sutures will typically be done using suture removal scissors. Suture removal scissors are typically made of stainless steel and often have a satin finish.


Many physicians and surgeons also use disposable scissors for suturing wounds. Disposable suture scissors are generally less expensive than the reusable type. Disposable stitch scissors are often purchased in bulk packages.

Eye scissors made for suturing will typically have a very sharp point. Scissors made for stitching the interior of the eye are generally about 4 inches (10.2 cm) long. Eye stitch scissors are commonly used by ophthalmologists during surgical procedures of the eye or to close wounds inside the eye.

Hagar scissors are a type of scissor commonly used for surgery and suturing. Surgeons will use the Hagar scissors for stitching a wound, but this type of scissor can be used for cutting as well. Needle holder is another name for these scissors.

Some scissors widely used in clinics and hospitals feature a tip that is slightly hooked. The scissors are created this way to enable the physician or surgeon to slip the blade directly under the sutures for easy removal. This type of scissor is commonly referred to as the Littauer suture scissor.


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