What Are the Different Types of Summer Updos?

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When it comes to summer updos, many women have two priorities: keeping cool and looking casually chic. For a daytime summer updo that takes seconds to execute, the tried-and-true ponytail is a good option. Those in search of a style that keeps all of the hair away from the neck and face might try a classic bun. The braided crown is a good option for those who prefer summer updos that are youthful and casual. Finally, loosely pinned waves can create a romantic look suitable for formal events.

For some women, summer is all about activity. As messy, sweaty locks can put a damper on bike rides and trips to the beach, many of these women favor no-fuss summer updos that are easy to execute. Perhaps the quintessential easy summer updo is the ponytail. Even though this look may take mere seconds to create, it need not be dull. Slicking back the hair with some high-shine serum or wrapping and pinning a strand of hair around the ponytail’s base can lend this style a touch of sophistication.

On hot days, the feeling of long hair clinging to one’s neck and shoulders can be extremely unpleasant. One of the summer updos that best resolves this issue is the bun. To create this look, the hair is gathered into a ponytail, wound into a coil, and then secured with bobby pins. The appearance of this style can be dramatically changed by positioning the bun at different spots on the head or by braiding the hair before winding it into a coil.

Some summer updos convey a spirit of carefree youthfulness perfect for the beach or a casual night out. Among these is the braided crown. To execute this look, the hair is parted in the center and then woven into two braids. Each braid is then wrapped over the top of the head and pinned into place. Finally, the braids’ ends are tucked out of sight beneath the crown.

Loosely pinned waves are an elegant, romantic option that works well for formal events. Those with curly or wavy hair should begin creating this style by working a frizz-control gel or balm into their locks. For straight-haired women, it is necessary to start by creating loose waves in the hair using a curling iron or hot rollers. Once the hair has been prepped, it should simply be pinned in loose sections at the nape of the neck. Allowing a few strands to frame the face can enhance the easy elegance of this style.

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