What are the Different Types of Summer Jobs?

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There are a number of summer jobs available for people who need to find different employment in the summer; seasonal jobs or jobs in the tourism industry are often some of the most common. There are a number of outdoor jobs in the summer, but do not discount jobs that are available year-round as well, such as working in retail or in an office environment. Summer internships are another option, for those who wish to further a career, or to get university credit. Summer internships may often be completed abroad as well, for an even more rewarding experience.

Summer jobs that are only available seasonally are quite popular, and are often fairly easy to get into. These include jobs at a community pool such as lifeguarding, for example, or running an ice cream stand. Restaurants often hire extra servers, table cleaners, or kitchen workers such as dishwashers or line cooks in the summer when they get busier. Bartending is another potential summer job, though some restaurants will require their bartenders to have attended bartending school. Road maintenance and repair crews will often hire extra help in the summer as well.


Depending on the area in which one lives, there may be additional summer jobs available as well. If there are summer camps nearby, they are often looking for camp counselors; the same is true of daycares, which often become much busier in the summer when kids are out of school. Any attraction for tourists, such as lakes, beaches, or amusement parks, just to name a few, is an easy way to find summer jobs. Local hotels, motels, or resorts may also offer summer jobs, which may include everything from working at the front desk to performing housekeeping tasks or maintaining security around the property. Festivals or fairs may also hire temporary workers.

Of course, some people take summer jobs not just to make some extra money, but also to further a career or a university degree. There are many internships available during the summer, which can be especially convenient because then they do not detract from coursework during the year. Internships may be found by searching online, or by contacting the university; most universities offer help in placing students in internships or study abroad programs. Though internships are typically unpaid summer jobs, they may sometimes offer a small stipend, or free room and board, for example, as well as valuable life experience and credit toward coursework.


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@glasshouse- I am a student and I work part-time through-out the year. I am a freelance writer, which allows me to work when my crazy life allows. I pay a handsome price for tuition and I have a young child too so I needed a job that was flexible. When I am not writing for work or taking care of my daughter, I write for other purposes. I write scholarship essays and pieces for my personal portfolio.

The freelance writing supplements my income enough to allow me to be a stay at home dad. Writing scholarship essays usually nets me enough every year to pay for a good chunk of my cost of attendance. Besides the cost benefits, writing so much keeps my writing abilities sharp; something very necessary for my work and academic career. Freelance writing is one of the best part-time summer jobs for someone who juggles a number of obligations while navigating a horrible job market.

Post 2

The last few years have been horrible for college students looking for jobs. So many of the jobs that were available during the summer are no longer there, and even the part-time jobs that I used to work during the school year have all been snapped up. Add to that the rising costs of tuition, and I do not know what I am going to do.

Does anyone have any ideas about summer jobs for college students not mentioned in the article? I live in a different city from the one that I go to school in so I need to find a job that is portable or seasonal. Thank you.

Post 1

When I was in high school, the most popular summer job was being a lifeguard at the local resorts. We had three nearby ski resorts that would accommodate locals, hikers, and bikers during the summer months. They had child swim programs, childcare, and open pool all summer long. The jobs were fun, you could meet all kinds of people on summer vacation, it was easy to stay in shape, and the peak season was during summer break. It was THE summer job for teenagers.

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