What Are the Different Types of Sugar-Free Pudding?

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Sugar-free pudding is available in a wide assortment of flavors and combinations. They range from basic flavors, such as vanilla and chocolate, to the more exotic, such as deluxe bread pudding and raspberry applesauce pudding. Sugar-free pudding is often sweetened with sugar substitutes and fruits, such as pineapple and banana.

Chocolate-flavored sugar-free pudding comes in several varieties, from simple chocolate to white chocolate and chocolate cherry. Chocolate cherry pudding features a chocolate pudding mix combined with sugar-free cherry pie filling and water. Sugar-free chocolate pudding features unsweetened cocoa, low-fat milk and a sugar substitute.

Sugar-free dirt pudding features cream cheese, sugar-free whipped topping and sugar-free, creme-filled chocolate sandwich cookies. The pudding is layered alternately with crushed cookies. Pinto beans or red kidney garbanzo beans can be used to make sugar-free bean pudding. It also features egg whites, maple syrup and walnuts.

Several sugar-free pudding options are available for making rice pudding. This type of sugar-free pudding features cooked rice, low-fat milk and sugar-free vanilla pudding. Nutmeg and raisins are optional toppings. Sugar-free brown rice pudding features cooked brown rice, low-fat milk and vanilla extract.

Bananas can offer sweetness to sugar-free pudding. Whipped banana pudding features gelatin, a ripe banana and low-fat yogurt. The pudding is poured into sherbet glasses and chilled. Sugar-free banana pudding can also be poured over layers of sliced bananas and vanilla wafers.


Sugar-free bread pudding features low-calorie bread, milk and a sugar substitute. Vanilla, eggs and raisins complete the dish, and it is sprinkled with cinnamon before being baked. Deluxe sugar-free bread pudding features a brown sugar substitute.

Pineapple and lemons are common ingredients in sugar-free pudding. Sugar-free pineapple pudding features crushed pineapple, cornstarch and sugar-free pineapple gelatin. Sugar-free fruit pudding features instant sugar-free vanilla pudding, fruit cocktail and crushed pineapple. Lite lemon pudding features buttermilk, zest of a whole lemon and sugar substitute.

Pistachio pudding is available in a sugar-free version. Pistachio pudding is also the base for sugar-free Watergate salad, which features crushed pineapple, coconut and sugar-free whipped topping. All-natural, sugar-free almond pudding features egg yolks, almond extract and finely-ground almonds. It is served with sliced strawberries and whipped cream made with a sugar substitute.

Low-fat, sugar-free tapioca pudding features skim milk, agave syrup and tapioca. Sugar-free raspberry applesauce pudding is a combination of unsweetened applesauce, raspberry gelatin and diet lemon-lime soda. Sugar-free pudding options also come in cheesecake flavors. Cheesecake pudding combines yogurt, cottage cheese and sugar-free instant vanilla pudding.


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Post 2

Well, anything that's no-bake is a pretty good candidate for being sugar free. You're just using the sugar for sweetening, not baking chemistry.

Sugar free jello is a good example of this. It doesn't taste at all strange, and doesn't have that aftertaste that so many sugar free products used to have. Works great for a low-sugar strawberry pretzel salad. I almost always use Splenda to sweeten any fresh fruit I have, too.

But yeah, sugar free pudding is one of the great innovations of the past 30 years, for sure. Makes life a lot easier on diabetics, definitely.

Post 1

Pudding is actually one thing that doesn't taste sugar free, even if it is. I think it's because there are other flavors that sort of confuse your tongue.

I have an awesome recipe for this stuff called chocolate lasagna that's basically cream cheese and whipped cream layered with chocolate pudding. Get some sugar free pudding and use low carb milk, and you've got a dessert that's pretty nearly sugar free. Since you can get sugar free chocolate sandwich cookies now, it's a lock cinch to do a cookie crust that's not loaded with sugar.

Gosh, I wish my dad was around to enjoy this. There weren't nearly as many tasty sugar free options on the market when he was alive.

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