What Are the Different Types of Subwoofer Speaker Boxes?

G. Wiesen

Subwoofer speaker boxes are typically designed for use either in a vehicle or as part of a home theater setup. Vehicle boxes can be created that are intended to fit any type of vehicle, though some types of boxes are made to fit particular cars and trucks. There are also some subwoofer speaker boxes that can be created as a custom product that is fitted perfectly into a vehicle. Boxes for home theaters are a bit less common, since most home theater audio systems come with speakers in a box, but there are some customizable speakers available.

Subwoofers are designed to reproduce bass sounds with more clarity than full range speakers.
Subwoofers are designed to reproduce bass sounds with more clarity than full range speakers.

Most subwoofer speaker boxes are designed to allow a speaker and the other components that work with it to fit into a single container. Vehicular boxes are among the most common, because many high-quality sound systems for cars and trucks feature additional subwoofer speakers. These speakers can typically fit into the back of a vehicle, either in a trunk or the back storage compartments of a truck or larger vehicle, or across the back seat. Prebuilt subwoofer speaker boxes are often designed to fit into any type of vehicle, such as a car or van, and are fairly inexpensive but can potentially be problematic to install and use.

Subwoofers may be featured in home theater systems.
Subwoofers may be featured in home theater systems.

There are also a number of subwoofer speaker boxes that are prebuilt, but are designed to fit a particular model of vehicle. Rather than one box created for all sedans, for example, there can be individual boxes intended for different models of sedans manufactured by various companies. While these types of subwoofer speaker boxes are usually more expensive than other prebuilt models, they are frequently more affordable than completely customized setups. This usually includes the use of boxes that are created individually to fit the exact size needs of a particular vehicle; such custom boxes are often quite expensive, but can allow for the easiest and most efficient installation possible.

Some subwoofer speaker boxes can also be designed and used in a home theater or similar setting within a building, rather than a vehicle. These types of boxes are somewhat rare, since most people simply purchase a prebuilt subwoofer speaker for use in their home theater. Custom setups, however, can benefit from the addition of subwoofer speaker boxes that can be purchased and assembled as a housing unit for the various components needed in the speaker. These boxes can be chosen to more perfectly match the d├ęcor of a room, or they can be designed to physically fit into the architecture of a home theater in a way that is undetectable.

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