What Are the Different Types of Subwoofer Kits?

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Subwoofer kits typically fall into a few basic categories, which include kits for use in a home or similar location, those intended for automobile installation, and kits used to build a subwoofer. Home theater or audio equipment often includes large speakers called subwoofers that are used to create bass audio in such an environment. Subwoofer kits for use in an automobile are often designed on a smaller scale than sound systems for use in a home and are meant to be installed into a vehicle. There are also some kits that can be used by an audiophile to create a subwoofer in a homemade or custom designed sound system.

Home entertainment systems and similar types of audio setups usually include subwoofer kits as a major component in the system. While some speaker systems can include a subwoofer, there are also some individuals who prefer to purchase one separately from a larger system. Home audio subwoofer kits usually include a speaker case, as well as the speakers and components assembled together within the case. There are some kits that can include additional speakers as well, though these are often sold as a home entertainment package.


Some subwoofer kits are designed for use in an automobile and are typically installed as part of a car stereo system. These kits may include other speakers as well, all of which are not typically included in cases but instead are loose speakers. A professional or automotive sound enthusiast can then install the speakers into a vehicle, placing the different components within the interior frame of the automobile. These types of subwoofer kits usually include a speaker that is fairly large and intended for installation in the trunk or back of the vehicle.

There are also some subwoofer kits intended for individuals who want to create their own custom sound system. This means that the internal components of the speaker are provided, along with proper wiring needed to set up the speaker, though the case and other parts are not included. These different components can be used together to build a subwoofer, usually as part of a professional or home sound system that is custom designed. Audio professionals can use these types of subwoofer kits to create unique speakers for their clients, while audiophiles can build their own speakers that match the décor or aesthetics of a home theater or music room.


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