What Are the Different Types of Subwoofer Enclosure Software?

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Subwoofer enclosure software is available for most operating systems (OSes) and some of these programs can even be accessed with a web browser. The available enclosure design programs also vary in price, from free to quite expensive. Free software and web based programs tend to be less fully featured, though they can offer many of the necessary design functions. Designs such as sealed, vented, and bandpass can all be planned out using different types of subwoofer enclosure software. Some software can be used to design any kind of box, while others specialize in one specific type.

The main purpose of a subwoofer enclosure is to achieve the best performance from a car audio system. Home theater subwoofers and loudspeakers tend to come pre-installed in enclosures, but car audio systems can require more customization. Mid-range and tweeter car speakers are typically installed in factory designated locations, which most vehicles lack for subwoofers. Without some type of enclosure, some of the frequencies produced from the front side of a subwoofer can be canceled out by sounds from the back side. A subwoofer enclosure can prevent this by blocking the sound that is emitted from the back end of the speaker.


Subwoofer enclosures can be bought from commercial manufacturers or custom built by professionals, but many enthusiasts choose to design and build their own boxes. Any enclosure that blocks out the undesired sound can get the job done, but in order to achieve the best possible bass, some design work is typically necessary. Different types of subwoofer enclosure software can help plan out bandpass, vented, sealed, and other types of box designs. Some of these programs can be used to design any type of box, which can be especially useful to professional designers. One of the most important features for subwoofer enclosure software to include is a calculator that determines the appropriate width, length, and height for a particular speaker.

Some subwoofer enclosure software is free, while other packages can be somewhat expensive. Free software sometimes includes a smaller feature set, or allows for the design of fewer types of enclosures. Some speaker manufacturers offer free software, and there are also some web-based options that can be used with any operating system. Web-based enclosure design software tends to be less fully featured than other options, but is often a good place to get started. In addition to basic design functions, some subwoofer enclosure software also includes more advanced features, such as the ability to print out cutting sheet plans.


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