What Are the Different Types of Subcontractor Jobs?

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Subcontractor jobs exist in many lines of work, and those employed as a subcontractor will typically work under a general contractor. A few common types of subcontractor jobs are in construction and carpentry. Construction subcontractor jobs may involve projects such as constructing a building or laying a roof. Electricians are often employed in electrical subcontractor jobs and are often called to repair or install wiring in public buildings or private homes.

Demolition subcontractor jobs will typically require all workers to be licensed and insured. Those under contract for a demolition project, or as a demolition subcontractor, will be responsible for demolishing or tearing down buildings and other pieces of architecture. He may work independently or as part of a wrecking crew. This type of subcontractor job can be dangerous, as the worker will typically use explosives to demolish various structures. Other than explosives, machinery such as wrecking balls and sledgehammers may be used in demolition subcontractor jobs.

Workers with janitorial subcontractor jobs generally clean offices and other buildings. Removing trash, cleaning floors, and maintaining fixtures and small equipment may be a few responsibilities of the janitorial subcontractor. These subcontractors often do janitorial work in schools, offices, and hospitals.


Plumbing subcontractor jobs may involve installation or repair of plumbing, either in residential homes or commercial buildings. When a plumbing subcontractor is hired to work on a project for the city, he may be required to obtain a permit. Depending upon the area in which he works, he may also hold a plumbing license. Working as a plumbing subcontractor may involve many aspects of plumbing, such as pipe or steam fitting, or repairing a drainage system.

A cable technician subcontractor is typically employed by a cable company. This work may involve installation for cable television. The cable technician subcontractor will generally be an experienced technician who works with fiber and copper cables, splicers, and other equipment.

Automobile technicians are often employed auto body shop subcontractors. This worker may work in a small garage or a larger facility. He'll often be hired to repair vehicles with minor or extensive body damage caused by traffic accidents. These subcontractors may also be hired to repair damage to automobile upholstery, or paint. Most auto shop subcontractors are paid an hourly wage.


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